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Characters That NEED To Appear In Future Guardians Of The Galaxy films


The most recent sequel of the space avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2, just hit theaters. And now is probably a good time to ask the next obvious question: who will eventually join the team?

The sequel already gave us some new members, but there are way more members than you may have thought. Heck, even characters like Iron Man and Agent Venom have joined! So here a just some of the characters that we think would be prime choices to fill that ever growing roster. We’ll be ranging from the most obvious to the most unlikely (but still interesting) of choices. Read the rest of this entry


A Look Back: “Top 5 Characters that Need/Should/Have to Appear in the MCU”… What Did We Get Right?

MCU #0

This is a new feature where we look back at previous posts we’ve done and analyze what we thought would have happened in the future, which is now the present or whatever.

Let’s see if any of our Marvel hopes came true. Also just a heads up for at least one particular character: SPOILERS! Read the rest of this entry

Top 5 Characters that Need/Should/Have to Appear in the MCU

MCU #0Marvel has not only done really well these past few years, but they have also changed media forever. Many studios now including Warner Bros/DC, Fox and Sony are now on the shared-universe train and instead of two or three superhero films in a year, we are getting almost six or eight. A lot of superhero films might seem like too much for the average movie goer, but for superhero fans it is a dream come true.

Marvel has definitely unveiled numerous unique and special characters within their universe, along with many hints and teasers to future ones. However, despite other film companies owning the likes of Spider-man, Fantastic Four and X-Men, there are still a bunch of unique and interesting characters that Marvel more than likely owns, but have not introduced yet.

So here is our list of the top five characters, villainous or heroic, that we want to see appear somehow in some way within the marvel universe: (warning: current MCU film spoilers are to follow) Read the rest of this entry