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Pokemon Through The Years [6/2/2020 EDIT]

Pokemon through the years

With more information recently revealed, another update to our continuing list of “PokemonĀ  through the years”. Check it out!

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The MCU Legacy: Black Panther

MCU Black Panther

Hello there! Only two to go! Next up we have the King of Wakanda himself: Black Panther. Please read if ya want and don’t forget the prior posts! Read the rest of this entry

The MCU Legacy: Black Widow & Hawkeye

MCU Black Widow and Hawkeye

Hey man, we’re back with a duo post! This time we continue with our MCU nonsense by looking at the two agents of S.H.I.E.L.D turned Avengers Black Widow and Hawkeye! Please read and remember to read the previous posts as well! Read the rest of this entry

The MCU Legacy: Let Us Prepare For The Endgame!


Starting tomorrow, there will be fun posts going up that will analyze key characters and teams. These will go over their strengths, weaknesses, influential standards and their importance to the universe. This will all lead up to when the film Avengers: Endgame is released! This upcoming movie is seen as the ultimate conclusion to the characters we know and love from this current state of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and many of their stories are likely to come to a close. So hopefully these fun posts will ease your pain of waiting for what will certainly be one of the biggest hits this year!