Shambles and Rambles is a personal series made by Tom where each episode is unique and special in its own right. There will always be a different topic and discussion in each one that is randomly decided upon prior to the recording session, and as the title suggests we eventually derail into our own little “tangents” and rants regarding… Well whatever comes to mind at that point. You could argue that the series at times is intended to be out of hand.

The series will primarily star host Tom or “Topple/Toppletomr” and co-host Alex “Salt” Sherman, but will occasionally feature many other guests.

Shambles and Rambles Season One:


1.1 – 2020 Movies, Games, and Consoles

1.2 – Developing A Video Game w/ Taylor Bergstrom

1.3 – Top 6 Ghost Pokemon

1.4 – Absolute Rambles

1.5 – Arkham Distractions

1.6 – Top 6 Ice Pokemon

1.7 – Villains That Deserve Their Own Thing

1.8 – Tom’s Top 10 Video Games

1.9 – The Nerdiest, Worst Episode yet…

1.10 – Top 6 Ground Pokemon

1.11 – Harry Potter And The Absolute Rambles

Mini – Finding Your Johnson: The Movie + Update

1.12 – Top 6 Fire Type + Anime Talk

1.13 – Special: Pokemon Kanto Region Run

Shambles and Rambles Season Two


2.1 – A Game Of Super Fight

2.2 – Top 6 Water Type Pokemon

2.3 – Sherman’s Top 10 Video Games of all Time

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