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Update: GeekBeerz Podcast Will Finally Be Returning, Shambles And Rambles Going To Bi-Weekly Schedule,We Hate Ourselves Podcast Coming Out soon, And Straw Wozz Announcement!

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Ok so a few things to catch up on. Due to the COVID-19 stuff going on we’ve had to shift things around and wait for other things, it has all been nothing but a complicated mess. But it’s worth mentioning that there are exciting things heading your way soon enough.

First off, GeekBeerz Podcast will finally be coming back. Thankfully Geoff has returned locally so now we dont have to struggle through the discord nonsense when recording. The next episode will likely be released this week or next depending.


Secondly, Shambles and Rambles will be returning to a Bi-weekly schedule for the foreseeable future. This is so that it can be in coincided existence with the other recordings we’ve got going on.

Thirdly, our upcoming project titled “We Hate Ourselves, So We Watch Bad Movies” will likely be released very soon. This is a podcast with no real narrative, rhyme or reason to the madness of watching a bad movie. The movies are usually randomly selected junk from places like Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Straw Woz - A new old

Fourthly, There will be a new limited series coming soon called “Straw Wozz” which will be a discussion series about specific movies and shows that are canon within the Star Wars canonical timeline.

And lastly, I hope everyone is doing fine during these strange times and good luck to ya out there. I promise the wait will be worth it soon!


Shambles and Rambles 1.11: Harry Potter and the Absolute Rambles

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Shambles and Rambles is a series of random topics and discussions each episode about literally anything. These discussions are fun “Tangents that eventually evolve into absolute derails of enjoyment.

In this episode, all four of us including Geoff attempt to have a proper discussion, only to then have it dwindle into absolute madness. This was a really fun, albeit nonsensical, episode for us!

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Shambles and Rambles 1.1: 2020 Films, Games, and Consoles

ShamRam 1

Shambles and Rambles: 2020 Movies, Games, and Consoles is now available! Take a listen by following the link: R&S Episode

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Outlandish Opinions: Types Of Movies That Critics Should NEVER Review

Inkedgodzilla lah

Hello there, I’m back with another random post, but it’s one that has been bugging me for some time actually.

So with the upcoming release of Godzilla: King of the Monsters, which is a sequel to 2014’s Godzilla American reboot film,  I was thinking of many ideas for posts to write in regards to celebrating the release of what will assuredly be a highly entertaining film. But then I started to think about the obvious variations of critic reviews that this next movie might receive and it ultimately left me in a sigh.

Now granted I could be very surprised and this film can receive massive praise, but that rarely happens with a movie of this type of caliber. So I figured I would lend my opinion out there, no matter how stupid it may seem, and hopefully somebody will agree with me… Read the rest of this entry

STAR WARS: 5 Random Anthology Film Ideas

4969419-kylo+ren+afbeelding+2Hello everyone! It has, unsurprisingly, been a while yet again.

Well to celebrate the release of SOLO: A Star Wars Story (which any fan should definitely check out!), I figured it would be plausible to finally make a post that has been on the back burner of my mind since before episode eight even came out.

Obviously this post regards to the anthology films, which are canonical films in the saga that act as “in-between” tales to fill in the gaps between the episodic films that normally jump ahead in the timeline between films. To put it more simple, the main films regard the “Skywalker” storyline while the spin off films tell other random tales that usually contribute to the main overarching “Skywalker” tale.

But besides Rogue One, Solo, and the possible Kenobi, Yoda and Boba Fett films heading our way, what else could they do? There is certainly many stories that can be thrown aboard the silver screen, but which ones would we actually want to see? Well I certainly have some hopes for what they can do. While my ideas may seem odd or unlikely, keep in mind that it is highly possible of Lucasfilm to throw virtually anything at us especially since the latest Solo film proved that any unexpected thing can actually happen now (those who saw the film know what I mean).

I have thought up of five ideas that I would really, really want to see in the future of Star Wars, please have a look and feel free to comment or whatever. Read the rest of this entry

Tom’s Top 5 Favorite Films of 2014

2014Well the new year is upon us. And despite being quiet since Halloween night you can expect some great things coming from us in this 2015 year!

So every year has their fair share of movies that come out, some are loved and praised while others are hated and attacked in the most malicious of ways. But everyone is different, we all have our own idea of what makes a movie truly remarkable. So that is why I am writing this post more personally. I cannot promise top 5’s from the other guys at GeekBeerz but either way here’s mine.

Now I honestly didn’t absolutely hate any movie in 2014. I personally thought that 2014 had a good array of films and not one made me bang my head on a wall until my skull broke (not even films like Robocop, Transformers: Age of Extinction or Ninja Turtles. While they weren’t the best I thought they still had some pretty cool things in their own right).

So out of all the films in 2014 I managed to narrow down the choices, here is my list: (warning: beware of potential film spoilers!) Read the rest of this entry

the Top 5 Characters to be excited about in this year’s summer films!

Every year around summer we are greeted with a platoon of new films, among other summer-y things. While the new films mostly consists of superhero flicks or straight up action films, you can’t help but get overly excited with what new eye candy awaits! Read the rest of this entry