We Hate Ourselves, So We Watch Bad Movies – Eragon Extended Edition

Well, here we go again. Geoff and Tom nerd out at Eragon and point out how this movie is awful, while Shrew and Beth suffer. You can try watching the movie along with this episode, but it will become de-synced at a certain point due to the movie not even wanting to last its own runtime. Enjoy!

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GeekBeerz Podcast 9 – Drawing From Behind

Geoff, Shrew, and Tom gather around to talk about Umbrella Academy and to play a card game*!

*Card game not included in this podcast

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More Podcast Episodes Incoming

Hey everyone! I think this is the first actual post I’ve made on the website, but I just wanted to make a quick update for everyone still following the site. I am currently editing a couple of old GeekBeerz Podcast episodes, and have around 100 other files of stuff that I named something weird and have no context for what it could possibly be. Honestly, I didn’t think it would take me this long to go through this many files, but here we are I guess. Anyway, I know there are at least 2 actual episodes, and maybe like 2 or 3 new We Hate Ourselves episodes. On top of all of that, we have a couple of other projects that are being worked on that I’m not allowed to talk about since they’re not being worked on by me. I’ll leave that to the other guys to announce when they are ready to. Thank you to whoever is reading this, and have stuck with us for the past 12 years of us being weird while talking into microphones. As the title says, more is on the way, and we hope you’ll join us for it.

We Hate Ourselves, So We Watch Bad Movies – Resident Evil: Childhood

Hey everyone! Welcome to the semi-late Halloween special for We Hate Ourselves! Today, we’ve got kind of a weird one called Resident Evil: Childhood. This was a home movie remake of RE that some guys did back in the 90’s and recently released on YouTube and Amazon. Enjoy!

Movie can be found here if you wanna watch along: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnEcTJ5Dl6c

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We Hate Ourselves, So We Watch Bad Movies – Unfriended: Dark Web

Hey Everyone! We’ve got a surprise episode comin’ in just before our Halloween special and it’s a doozy! Listen to Geoff, Tom, and Shrew suffer through the second Unfriended movie. Now with 100% less blenders!

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We Hate Ourselves, So We Watch Bad Movies – Unfriended

Hey look, it’s October again! Let’s take a look back at a terrible scary movie and an old terrible sounding recording of us making fun of it. This was originally recorded on October 3rd, 2015 back when Sherman actually used Facebook! Absolutely ancient!

<enclosure url="https://archive.org/download/unfriended-whoswwbm/Unfriended%20whoswwbm.mp3" length="79044608" type="audio/x-mp3"/>

We Hate Ourselves, So We Watch Bad Movies – Justice League (Snyder Cut)

It’s a double feature! We suffer through the long slog that is the Snyder cut of Justice League and get pretty drained by the end.

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We Hate Ourselves, So We Watch Bad Movies – Justice League (2017)

Welcome to We Hate Ourselves, So We Watch Bad Movies! This is a series where…well we watch bad movies. We try to get a good sync point at the beginning so you can watch the movie along with us. Today, we watch Justice League and oh boy was that a trip!

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GeekBeerz Podcast 8: Artemis Fowl? More Like Artemis Foul

The guys get together for Sherman’s birthday and shit on Artemis Fowl.

Music in the intro was Time Alone by David Renda

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Shambles And Rambles Will Conclude With Episode 20, A Sequel Series Will Arrive Soon After…

Hello there,

For a good full year this series has managed to spring out more episodes than I initial thought possible and I am very grateful for this. However, similar to how times are changing now, this series has reached it’s full potential and will be officially concluding after a successful twenty episodes under it’s wing. Not only is this a successful accomplishment to me personally, but also to everyone else here at GeekBeerz.

This was intended to be a fun series that helped us and, hopefully, others during the quarantine days of the 2020 pandemic. I would like to think that this was a coping mechanism of a podcast to help ease the tension of the sucky world around us. And as we head closer and closer to normalcy again, the less and less this podcast will seem relevant. Despite this decision, never say never again.

There will be a sequel series in the works, a test recording with three of us has already happened and all I can say now is that it’s close to being something worth taking this mantle away from what came before.

I wish to thank those I’ve come to know for actually listening to this series and I especially want to thank each of my friends individually.

Thank you Geoff for participating when you could, holding back the cursing when you could, and for dealing with all that Pokemon talk.

Thank you Taylor for bringing your unique sense of humor and charm, as well as physically showing up even if you sometimes fell asleep.

And thank you Sherman for being an amazing “co-host”, and truly prepping for these random topics, ideas, and occasionally in-depth discussions.

As I said, Shamb Ramb will live on in another series, but the classic will never be forgotten. Thank you and goodbye.