The Crew

Main Members:


Editor / Designer / Founder and Creator of “GeekBeerz” and “GeekBeerz Podcast”

Genre of Interest: Real-Time Strategy

26 years old

Likes: Anime  Dislikes: Homestuck

Geoff has always been a gamer at heart, almost owning every known gaming console to ever hit the states! His burning passion for personal opinions and agendas is as real as can be. He is now a married man with the ambition to make a name for himself!


Lead Poster / Lead Artist / Creator of “The Chronic Bionics”

Genre of Interest: Survival Horror

26 years old

Likes: Drawing  Dislikes: Scarecrows

Tom strives to entertain those around him, even if he’s not the best at it! While being born with Asperger’s, Tom uses this inheritance as an advantage rather than a curse. He currently does some freelance while going to College. You can check out his portfolio here!: LINK


Co-Editor / Operations / Creator of “Taylor Tom Games Or Die!”

Genre of Interest: Action (in General)

22 years old

Likes: Utah Utes  Dislikes: E.T.

Owning up to his spinal surgery, Taylor is both a broken man and a strong-willed warrior! Besides his desire to blast enemies in games, he also enjoys maintaining nature with some fun outdoor landscaping.


Operations / Lead Editor / Creator of “Geeks in a Dungeon”

Genre of Interest: Competitive Online Games

25 years old

Likes: PC Gaming  Dislikes: Working

Alex, who simply goes by his last name “Sherman” or “Shrew”, is possibly the smartest and most complicated of the bunch! His patience with certain games as well as our nonsense is unreal! He dreams to become a professional PC Gamer.



Genre of Interest: Sport Games

20 years old

Likes: Fortnite  Dislikes: Utah Utes

Josh is basically our sports guy, loving everything regarding basketball and football. This also includes sports related games, but his current love will forever be Fortnite! He is currently on a church mission, but will be back in a few years.



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