The Crew

Main Members:


Main Editor / Designer / Creator of “GeekBeerz”

Genre of Interest: Real-Time Strategy

26 years old

Likes: Anime  Dislikes: Homestuck

He owns almost every Console ever made!


Lead Artist/Co-Designer

Genre of Interest: Survival Horror

26 years old

Likes: Drawing  Dislikes: Scarecrows

You can check out his portfolio here!: LINK



Genre of Interest: Action (in General)

22 years old

Likes: Utah Utes  Dislikes: E.T.

He has had multiple surgeries, he’s basically a Cyborg!


Operations / Lead Editor / Creator of “Geeks in a Dungeon”

Genre of Interest: Competitive Online Games

25 years old

Likes: PC Gaming  Dislikes: Working

His dream is to become a professional PC Gamer!



Genre of Interest: Sport Games

20 years old

Likes: Fortnite  Dislikes: Utah Utes

His obsession with Fortnite is unreal!



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