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Top 5 Franchises That Eventually Became Successful Game Franchises


Hello guys, I decided to write a fun random post for once. So you know how sometimes games based on a movie, comic, or other things tend to fail to meet their mark? Well sometimes there is a diamond found in the rough, and fortunately I was able to bring about many diamonds for this post. Here are games that successfully broke through the “franchise-inspired curse”, some may be super obvious while others may come as a surprise. Read the rest of this entry

Villains we want to appear in Batman: Arkham Knight

Arkham KnightBatman Arkham Knight is the third and final “Arkham” series game to be made by Rocksteady. Sure Warner Bros. Montreal may make more branched out games in the franchise (like Arkham Origins), but seeing how Rocksteady is the one that started and will end their trilogy series it is sure to end on a high note! Read the rest of this entry