Most Interesting Upcoming Next-Gen Titles [6/16/2020]

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We are now officially heading into the next generation of console gaming. Alongside the already apparent and impressive Nintendo Switch system, we’ll soon be getting our hands on the new Xbox Series X as well as the Playstation 5.

Memes aside, these new consoles are easily the most striking and most daring yet with both their physical appearances and their inner workings. But as gamers overall we’ve always cared less about the box and more about the games themselves. So which upcoming games should we look forward to? Which ones impress us here at GeekBeerz the most?

What we have hear is our personal list to help you keep up to date on what will likely be the most impressive games to release in the future of gaming!

Keep in mind that not every single games known will be on this list, and the list will primarily stick to AAA titles with only a few indie/smaller developer games.


Elden Ring / From Software / Platforms: PS5, Series X, PC / Release: ???

Let’s start off with a notable one, cuz not only is this game certainly going to be a next generation release but it’s also been a target of discussion amongst fans and gamers. The game was officially announced during the Microsoft E3 2019 conference and has been idly silent ever since. There is a rumor of perhaps trademark issues haltering it’s release, but it’s not a factual statement. However, given that this game will again reign the dark fantasy RPG elements that made the Dark Souls series triumphant, and the fact that George R. R. Martin is attached, there is still anticipation and hype in the air for this game.



The Medium / Blooper team / Platforms: Series X, PC / Release: 2020

The Medium was a surprise reveal to be sure, a Psychological Horror title where you’ll play as a Psychic medium capable of entering the spirit world and back. With both the impressive visuals and spectacle, as well as the Silent Hill inspiration including the help of Akira Yamaoka with the score, this is one to keep a lookout for as well.



Bayonetta 3 / Platinum Games / Platforms: Switch / Release: ???

The Bayonatta series has become a highly popular series thanks to the games memorable main character and the stylized action gameplay made famous by the Platinum Games company. While information on the games has been silent, there is no doubting that this will once again be another incredible entry.



Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales / Insomniac Games / Platforms: PS5 / Release: 2020

Marvel’s Spider-Man on the Playstation 4 was a momumental success praised by all, and a sequel is bound to happen in the future. But until then we got this awesome spin off title to help fill in that waiting gap. The character of Miles Morales is awesome and has been only getting more and more recognition in the comic book world and this newly announced title is only hyping us up even more so! Hopefully this title will also give us more clues as to where the future core sequel game may be heading to…



Scarlet Nexus / Bandai Namco / Platforms: PS5, Series X, PC, PS4, Xbone / Release: ???

This is a futuristic Anime RPG action game that deals with humanity discovering inner powers within the human brain. With an impressive art direction, familiar yet engaging gameplay, and the strive for more lore this game should definitely be kept into consideration.



Project Athia / Square-Enix / Platforms: PS5, PC / Release: ???

This game is still currently a mystery and is still known under a working title card, but it’s intriguing nonetheless. The game seems to be a high fantasy adventure game with some of the most gorgeous graphics and scenery that truly show off the next-gen capabilities. Keep your eyes on this one!



The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 2 / Nintendo / Platforms: Switch / Release: ???

A welcomed sequel to an already successful game, this Breath of the Wild sequel will surely give us more of what we like, alongside new and engaging elements as well. Still a mystery, but one we are willing to wait for…


maxresdefault (1)

Ghostwire: Tokyo / Tango Gameworks / Platforms: PS5, Series X, PC / Release: 2021

From the creators of the Evil Within Series, here we get a first-person horror action game with a very unexpected take on combat and weirdly eerie ghosts. And while the belowed art director, Ikumi Nakamura, recently left the studio, there is still high interest in what this game is going to actually be!



Bright Memory: Infinite / AGM Playism / Platforms: PS5, Series X, Xbone, PC / Release: 2021

Originally being an episodic hack n’ slash shooter game back in 2019, the game will now retroactively be released as a full -fledged experience on the next-gen consoles in 2021. This game is strikingly stunning to look at, so if you have a desire for graphical impressiveness then by all means have this game on your list!



Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla / Ubisoft / Platforms: PS5, Series X, PS4, Xbone, PC / Release: 2020

The Assassin’s Creed franchise has certainly seen a huge revamp in the series with recently released titles Origins and Odyssey, and now we have the third game in this sort of “revamp trilogy”. Valhalla is the combination of assassins and vikings, what’s not to love!?



Resident Evil 8: Village / Capcom / Platforms: PS5, Series X, PC / Release: 2021

Ever since the release of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, the series has been doing nothing but awesome things for the franchise with the return to form of RE7 in the horror roots, as well as remakes of RE2 and RE3. And after leaks and speculation, we finally have the reveal of RE8 which looks to be the most drastic change in direction the series has gone since the likes of RE4 and RE7 respectively. Now we have a snow covered region with an ominous Castle, Werewolves, and Witches. We can’t wait to get our hands on this game!



Returnal / Housemarque / Platforms: PS5 / Release: 2021

A completely new title that adds a mystery of time manipulation and the like. Returnal will follow an astronaut woman as she tries to solve the mystery of her “curse” as well as the planet that she is trapped on. This looks to be a delightful third-person shooter with stylized effects and backdrops.



Pragmata / Capcom / Platforms: PS5, Series X, PC / Release: 2022

This is a highly myserious title reveal that adds more questions than answers, but it seems to be a futuristic game where humans no longer live on earth (at least not by normal means) and also robot girls and cats. While the wait will be long, it’ll give us plenty of time to discuss and speculate until then.



Demon’s Souls Remake / Bluepoint Games (formerly From Software) / Platforms: PS5 / Release: 2021

One of the more exciting announcements, Demon’s Souls is a a proper remake! The remake is being done by Bluepoint Games, which have already proven themselves immensely with their successful remake of Shadow Of The Colossus (PS4). With a new look and likely improved mechanics, this will be an exciting welcomed return for the game known as the ‘catalyst’ for the Dark Souls series…



Stray / Blue Twelve / Platforms: PS5, Series X, PS4 / Release: 2021

An odd title with an odder premise. Stray is a game where you play as a cat in a world where humans no longer axist and only robots reign supreme. This title has been in the works since 2015 and we cannot wait to play it when is finally comes out.



Horizon II: Forbidden West / Guerilla Games / Platforms: PS5 / Release: 2021

The original horizon was impressive and memorable with it’s distinct vision of savage men living in a post apocalyptic world filled with mechanical beasts. The sequel looks to offer more perspective and mechanisms in this world including a cool homage to the Lord of The Rings via mecha elephants!



Kena: Bridge Of Spirits / Ember Lab / Platforms: PS5, PS4, PC / Release: 2020

This title reminds that of many fantasy adventure series but still has a unique vision all on it’s own. You play as a young girl who is capable of combating spirits and freeing them from the darkness that takes over them. There also seems to be a mechanic where you can control these spirit creatures to help solve puzzles and platforming situations. A neat little title to be sure!


Thank you for reading if you did, have we missed any titles? please let us know what your favorites are! And thanks again!

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