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Pseudo Update: We’re not dead!

GBP 2019

Hello guys, and once again it has been a while. Once again life has taken a large bite and we must act to it accordingly.

Taylor, surprisingly enough, has been literally bitten by a Bat and is now undergoing rabies shots. and no this isn’t a joke! Sherman is juggling his job and his headache problems, while Geoff is busy preparing to be a father and is in the process of finding a new place for his family to live. As for me? I’ve been busy dealing with freelance projects as well as packing things up for the new place, this is on top of finishing a summer class and finding an adequate job with beneficial pay. so yeah, life is busy…

But what does this mean for GeekBeerz? Well despite the continuous wait our plans are still mostly unchanged. Taylor will get back to streaming eventually, I’ll be starting in the coming months (hopefully), and even Geoff will be dropping in on his own streaming events at some point.

The main podcast will indeed still return. At this point I sound like a broken record, but promises will be met. However, other podcasts might be delayed indefinitely until all four of us can settle on the when’s and how’s.

Anyways, that’s all I have to say for now, hopefully the wait won’t be too long so hang in there!


Mega Mega Update: Two Twitch Channels, Podcasts Schedules, And More!

GBP season 1

Hello everyone, it has been a while since we have done an update to what we have in the works! This also includes all the changes that have recently been set! Read the rest of this entry

GeekBeerz Podcast! (GBP) May Be Recorded On Fridays Weekly… [Quick Update]

GBP 2019

Hello everyone! Just a quick update. We may have come up with an official time for when we will record our revival podcast series weekly! If things go in our favor, it’ll be Friday nights.

Why do I say all of this on a post? well because if we were to eventually be inclined to stream our Podcast, we would like to let people know when this would likely be done. Granted, streaming would not happen for some time (we may have a “base” for recording sessions, free of obstructing noise and folly, but it may take some time to set it up in our favor!).

Hopefully, this can get started real soon. Perhaps this Friday can officially be our start date? nobody knows for sure. There is also no word yet on when the other Podcasts will be out, but I’m occasionally playing Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice of the Taylor Tom Games Or Die Twitch channel at very random times. If you want to see a silent stream of me failing hard then go check that nonsense out!

Until next I post…


All Of Our Upcoming Projects

GBP season 1

Our Original “GeekBeerz-TAG Podcast” Cover, 2011

Hello everyone! It’s basically a broken record at this point to say that we have all been busy or occupied by worldly and lively matters as of late. Again, we stress that things will eventually return to form for us, and to prove this here are a few things in the works: Read the rest of this entry

Happy New Year! – Update


Hello everyone! It has been far too long. There is no avoiding the obvious subject of discussion, we have been pretty quiet for some time and have failed to complete our Soulsborne month in September.

Things got crazy busy, more than usual, and as a result we’ve had to drop what we’ve wanted to do for this site in order to deal with these situations. For those who were even a little bit interested in the Soulsborne posts, we apologize.

For myself, this was the hardest semester of college classes I have ever done. My complete focus had to be on getting these classes completed. Sherman was trapped in a devastating job with ridiculous hours which affected timing for doing pretty much anything social (thankfully, he has found a better job since then). Josh has been prepping for a mission, and will be leaving us for the two year adventure in March. We hope to do some things with him before he leaves. And our very own Geoff has gotten married, and ever since then he has been busy searching for a new home with his better half.

And as for Taylor? Well, he’s still doing Taylor stuff!

Joking aside, he has been busy as well which has tarnished our revival of Taylor/Tom Games Or Die, but perhaps we will see it return soon.

the year of 2018 has certainly been a painful and aching year for most of us, but we hope to make proper use of the new year ahead of us! Geeks In A Dungeon is still gonna come out with new episodes in the near future, you can think of the new episodes as the start of “season two” in a sense. The video adaptation of the series is still being worked on, the obvious delay kind of shelved it but thankfully there should now be more time given to getting it done. We have also been working shopping how the revival of GBP is going to be done. We are currently in the process of deciding what segments, music, and what new location we’ll be using that will be beneficial and convenient to all of us.

Thanks for reading if you did, and we hope you continue the journey with us into the new year…

– Tom

Geeks in a Dungeon Episode 1 Out Now!

Geeks in a Dungeon

Its finally D and December, and to kick off this amazing month we are uploading our first ever episode of Geeks in a Dungeon.

After months of preparing and planning we are finally ready, this new sub-podcast hopes to bring you faithful listeners an exciting adventure every other week in the world of Dungeons and Dragons. (a real play d&d podcast)

This week our crafty hero set off on an epic journey to slay monsters, insult bar maids, hopefully not Die… again.

Episode 01 The Adventure Begins

New Series: Tom N’ Tay


A crude Pre-cover idea

Introducing our new a upcoming mini series Tom N’ Tay! To coincide with other features with us , including “Sunday Tags” on our Youtube channel, myself and Taylor will be doing our own thing on the side alongside GeekBeerz Podcast as a sort of mini-cast. Read the rest of this entry

Tagcast 009 – Um…Games

Hey guys! Sorry these updates are getting further and further apart. It’s finals time for Tom, Taylor is getting surgery on his shoulders, and all of our schedules are getting messed up. Anyway, in this episode, Geoff and Tom talk about Hunger Games, SOMA, and rant about Star Wars: Battlefront EA for a bit. Enjoy! Read the rest of this entry

No Sleep Groupies – Animals of Farthing Wood Part 1

Hey everyone! We’re back with another No Sleep. This time, it’s gonna be a series of episodes. We’ve been watching Animals of Farthing Wood, a delightful yet horrible kids show. It’s fantastic and you should totally watch it with us. This episode covers episodes 1-3.

Read the rest of this entry

Upcoming GeekBeerz events!

We are back guys and we have loads of new things planned to keep you guys all entertained. While not visually shown or mentioned, we have been discussing behind the scenes about the future of the website, what to do next, how to keep on living and keeping the interests of people.

Well now we have that plan, or should I say plan”S”.


GB official

Still in development

We normally develop a new logo design once a year. This act of change was simply just tradition amongst us, similar to how we changed themes on our old blogger website. However, our ultimate plan now is to develop an outstanding logo design that will triumph for years to come!

As you can see above, we a playing around with this idea of a liquid drop design with the “GB” initials within it. This design would come with a phrase (to keep the phrase safe, we will not be mentioning it right now).



In Development

When we ended our GBP podcast series, it wasn’t to be done with podcast’s for good. We actually kind of miss the old days of just sitting around and discussing games and other things in the media. So we decided we would soon return, but return in a new and better form.

We just recently got new equipment and our recording laptop has been recently fixed. I and everyone else cannot promise a time or date of when we’ll be uploading the first episode in the series, but expect it soon.


TGOD 3Taylor has been beaten, destroyed, tortured, and scarred since the last Taylor Games Or Die episode, which is why it sort of died for a while. But the good news is that he’s still alive.

To be more precise, he is going into surgery for his shoulders, elbows and knees. He also has a recent heart condition that may or may not be of major concern (yes, we are aware that the world hates Taylor). So as you can imagine, he has been a little down lately. Fortunately he is willing to continue making videos whenever he can! And expect him to appear on the podcast as well.

Episode three was originally planned to be a three-part Infamous: Second Son run, however we realized that the game doesn’t qualify under our “Games Taylor Wouldn’t Normally Play” category. So now episode three will be a start of a two-part Octodad: Dadliest Catch run.

Expect episode three later today!


We have plans to do weekly events that are each different and could last from a week to four weeks! We only have a few planned currently:

THE MCU MARATHON WEEK: here we watch all movies part of Marvel Studio’s Marvel Cinematic Universe, We start with Iron Man on a Monday, and end with Captain America: the Winter Soldier or Guardians of the Galaxy on the following week. A movie per day with an added impressions recording by Geoff, giving his opinions on each individual film.

THE HORRIBLE FILM MARATHON WEEK: as it is clearly mentioned, here we will be watching the six worst films we know, Monday to Saturday, starting with the not too bad and ending on the worst one of the six. Movies consist of bad films like the Last Airbender, Catwoman, and even Birdemic.

MASS EFFECT WEEKLY MARATHON: this one will definitely last more than a week. We play through all three Mass Effect games, beginning to end, with our own uniquely created character.

RESISTANCE WEEKLY MARATHON: currently already in the process, we will be playing through all three Resistance games, beginning to end.


Thanks to whoever reads this. This was simply just an update post but hopefully everyone understands and expect great things to come!