Update: GeekBeerz Podcast Will Finally Be Returning, Shambles And Rambles Going To Bi-Weekly Schedule,We Hate Ourselves Podcast Coming Out soon, And Straw Wozz Announcement!

gbp-2019 copy

Ok so a few things to catch up on. Due to the COVID-19 stuff going on we’ve had to shift things around and wait for other things, it has all been nothing but a complicated mess. But it’s worth mentioning that there are exciting things heading your way soon enough.

First off, GeekBeerz Podcast will finally be coming back. Thankfully Geoff has returned locally so now we dont have to struggle through the discord nonsense when recording. The next episode will likely be released this week or next depending.


Secondly, Shambles and Rambles will be returning to a Bi-weekly schedule for the foreseeable future. This is so that it can be in coincided existence with the other recordings we’ve got going on.

Thirdly, our upcoming project titled “We Hate Ourselves, So We Watch Bad Movies” will likely be released very soon. This is a podcast with no real narrative, rhyme or reason to the madness of watching a bad movie. The movies are usually randomly selected junk from places like Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Straw Woz - A new old

Fourthly, There will be a new limited series coming soon called “Straw Wozz” which will be a discussion series about specific movies and shows that are canon within the Star Wars canonical timeline.

And lastly, I hope everyone is doing fine during these strange times and good luck to ya out there. I promise the wait will be worth it soon!


About ToppleTomr

An artist and a definite gamer, one of the original GeekBeerz members. When I'm not gaming I'm usually drawing or sketching characters and ideas. I have a strange set of interests which include horror games/films, Pokemon, Star Wars, super hero comics, and writing short stories.

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