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Top 6 Pokemon Special: Psychic Type


Sorry about the Delay of posts as of recent, We have been pretty busy with College work and, well, work work. But as promised we will be dominating all things Halloween, including the Pokemon top 6 posts.

As I said before, we will be covering our top 6 Poison, Psychic, Dark, and Ghost Pokemon. Poison has been covered so now on to Psychic! Amongst the eerie and creepy creatures of the night, there is also Witches, voodoo, and other sorts of magic users. Psychic type started out as just that, the scary magical creatures that seemed nearly impossible to defeat. So it makes sense to release this top 6 for the holidays. Read the rest of this entry

the Top 5 Godzilla 2014 Sequel Ideas!

The new Godzilla film has released, and with it the King of Monsters has returned! What’s better than the return of the king? How about confirmation of at least two sequels! Yep, Director Gareth Edwards will return to helm Godzilla 2 and possibly Godzilla 3 making for a new start of a trilogy!

While we sit here wondering when the next movie will come out, and if Toho will start making Kaiju films again, we have some fun sequel ideas that we think would be pretty cool if something similar to any of them actually happened: Read the rest of this entry

the Top 5 Characters to be excited about in this year’s summer films!

Every year around summer we are greeted with a platoon of new films, among other summer-y things. While the new films mostly consists of superhero flicks or straight up action films, you can’t help but get overly excited with what new eye candy awaits! Read the rest of this entry

Upcoming Taylor Games Or Die Vids

TOBY B PLAYS INFAMOUS SSTaylor Games Or Die is the new series by Taylor Bergstrom, it is not only a way to entertain you guys and make fun youtube videos, but it’s also a way for Taylor to expand his play history and get invested into games which, on his own, he would never play regularly.

Read the rest of this entry