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The Ultimate Update

Hello guys, as promised I am here to give an update on what’s to come in the following months / the remainder of the year. While we have taken a long hiatus from the site, we are still conducting ideas and plans in the background. I think this list would go better if we were to split it into different categories… Read the rest of this entry


GBHorror2017: A Look Back: “Top 10 Creepypasta Stories


Welcome back! This may be kind of a cheat to do during this month, but screw it! I want to do it! Today we will be looking back at an older post that I’ve done almost over a year ago. This was a top ten list regarding creepypastas, There was also a little apology part of the post but let’s just ignore that shall we?

So for this, I’ll be analyzing and re-reading my own post to determine if my picks for the list were good or not. Read the rest of this entry

TOP 10 CreepyPasta Stories + Apology


Yeah it has been quite a month for all of us. Yesterday was possibly the most horrifying moment for america so perhaps now is the absolute best moment to post this top ten, something I’ve wanted to do for some time now.

There are no Slenderman’s or killers named Jeff here, these are the top ten creepypastas that we think stand out above others. Obviously some no-brainers will be here, especially those which gained populace as of late, but perhaps there will be one which you’ve never heard of. Guess you’ll have to read and find out! Read the rest of this entry

GBHorror has begun!

tgod ewtp.png

Happy October 1st everyone! We are very excited to once again bring about the joy of the Halloween holiday with new content! Now titled GBHorror 2016!

Expect lots of new creepypasta reads, horror game recordings (including streams on twitch), and other fun and exciting things! Our first GBHorror video, Emily Wants To Play – TGOD 19, will be on our youtube within the hour! You can view it at this link when it’s finished uploading: Emily Wants To Play – GBHorror 2016

You’re Not Scared, Right? – Creepypasta 2015

GBCP2Check out my stupid first attempt here.

Dog Slaughter Falls Part 1 – Creepypasta 2015

GBCPWatch the Video on our Youtube channel by clicking here.

New Creepypastas page added + 2015 Creepypasta reads coming next month!

horror pasta

Creepypasta readings have become a tradition here ever since 2013. It only makes sense that we put in a page for them so people can have easy access. Yes, each one currently read so far has a link in the page. I am hoping to also do this soon with the Tagcast/no sleeps as well in the future.

Also, in correlation with this, we are going to release new Ceepypasta reads for Halloween 2015! We are currently searching down good ones to read. If you have any suggestions for what we should read please let us know asap!

creepyread 5

creepyread 4

creepyread 3