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All Of Our Upcoming Projects

GBP season 1

Our Original “GeekBeerz-TAG Podcast” Cover, 2011

Hello everyone! It’s basically a broken record at this point to say that we have all been busy or occupied by worldly and lively matters as of late. Again, we stress that things will eventually return to form for us, and to prove this here are a few things in the works: Read the rest of this entry

Spin-Off Series: The Fantasy Gorilla Arrives In 2018

Fantasy Gorilla

The Fantasy Gorilla is a side series that Features things such as core debates (very different from the ones at GBP), our personal interests and dislikes, as well as two mini features: one which is sort of like a retelling of stories (either from film, games or books) in a guessing fashion while the other is an in-between episodic series called “DEX-tionary!” which tells the adventures of Professor TreeBark (voiced by Geoff) and his camera man (voiced by Sherman) as they set off to record and learn about the many pocket monsters.

This will be out in 2018, possibly third-quarter.