Have a Horror Game Itch? Here Are 6 Upcoming Horror Titles To Look Out For In 2019!


Hello there! I’ve been looking up what types of games to play as of late, most particularly horror games that I haven’t gotten around to yet. While wondering what was to be I searched many different titles that may or may not release this year, and I thought I’d pick out six to share with you all!

Keep in mind I’m merely listing those with either confirmed dates or with some certainty of launching this year, but I will have an honorable mention listing at the end of the list as well! Hope you enjoy what has been chosen for this list!



Developer: Sadsquare Studio

Style: First-person survival horror

Release: TBC (PS4, XB1, Windows) (early access version now available on Steam)


Visage is set in the 1980’s in a house where many horrible and terrible things have happened in the past. You as the player must explore this house in order to find the “visage” remnants of events prior in order to piece together the bigger picture. There is also a sanity meter that you must handle by using light sources, such as matches and lightbulbs found throughout the house, in order to prevent the darkness and physical manifestations of ghosts to take you (this is very much similar to Amnesia: The Dark Descent’s sanity meter). Early access for the first chapter of the game is already available on Steam, which involves you avoiding the entity known as Lucy.

Watch the Gameplay Trailer Here!: LiNk



The Sinking City

Developer: Frogwares

Style: Third-person and open-world action/adventure mystery horror

Release: June 27th 2019 (PS4, XB1, Windows)


Were you a bit underwhelmed by the game adaptation of Call of Cthulhu, and still wish for something more hell-bent on the bizarre Cthulhu mythos? Well look no further! In the 1920’s you play as Charles W. Reed, a U.S. Navy sailor, Great War veteran and private investigator, who visits the town of Oakmont Massachusetts to investigate the mystery behind the towns flooding as well as the nightmares that have been plaguing Charles for years. You must also protect Charles’ sanity throughout his investigation of the dark history of Oakmont, the enemies you encounter, and even the strange powers of observation he has obtained.

Watch the Gameplay Trailer Here!: LiNk




Developer: The Farm 51

Style: Single-player science fiction survival horror

Release: Autumn 2019 (PS4, XB1, Windows)


The Chernobyl incident is one of the most infamous and eerie disasters to have happened in human history, it is also a place of influence for many horror media placements. This may in fact be the first true Chernobyl-inspired video game since, to an obvious extent, the Metro series. A former physicist of the Chernobyl power plant returns to the Chernobyl area thirty years later in order to find his loved one, who was presumably a victim of the disaster. You will have to survive the countless challenges ahead of you while also making the correct decisions in this non-linear story. Anyone can die and any task can fail so be prepared for anything! You will also face off against mutated monstrosities that were created by the “Chernobylite”  source made by the nuclear aftermath of the disaster.

Watch The Gameplay Trailer Here!: LiNk



Someday You’ll Return

Developer: CBE Software

Style: First-Person psychological horror

Release: TBD (PS4, XB1, Windows)


Daniel loses his daughter, Stela, in the very town of his childhood. This was a place he swore to never return to due to horrible events, but now he has no choice. This game is said to be like a “Moravian Silent Hill” due to its direct inspirations from Silent Hill, Outlast 2, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, and Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. The game may release this year, or perhaps in 2020.

Watch The Gameplay Trailer Here!: LiNk



The Dark Pictures: Men of Medan

Developer: Supermassive Games

Style: Third-Person adventure horror

Release: August 30th 2019 (PS4, XB1, Windows)


Did you like the prior PS4-exclusive horror game Until Dawn? Well the same studio is back at it again with the announcement of the Dark Pictures Anthology series, which is a bunch of horror inspired games of different elements similar to the television idea of the Twilight Zone. And the first installment of this series is known as Men of Medan. This follows American travelers on vacation that end up stuck on a cursed ghost ship in the middle of a storm. We hope that this game lives up to the reputation built by the Until Dawn game, which can be seen as an “Episode 0” of this new anthology.

Watch The Gameplay Trailer Here!: LiNk


Ghost Theory

Developer: Dreadlocks Ltd.

Style: Indie developed first-person adventure horror

Release: TBC (PS4, XB1, Windows, Linux, OS X)


Are you a fan of watching ghost hunting shows, with actual people in the paranormal research career? Have you ever wanted to be like one of those people without actually going to a haunted location? Well Ghost Theory is certainly a game to look out for! This game makes you become the front-field operative paranormal investigator. You will visit various haunted locations based on real life haunted buildings, and have access to a university building as your home base. Ambidexterity will be key as you track down ghosts using real-life accurate ghost hunting equipment such as EVP recorders, EMF meters, and even a pendulum! This game is interesting in the fact that ghost won’t randomly attack without reason, you have to actually provoke them to do something in order to get evidence of activity.

Watch The Gameplay Demo Here!: LiNk


Other ones to look out for:


These games have not received release dates or signs of coming out this year. This can however change in a few months after this post…



The Last of Us Part II

Developer: Naughty Dog

Style: Third-person adventure survival horror

Release: TBA (PS4, PS5?)


Easily one of the most anticipated sequels to have ever been announced! The original game received critical acclaim by both reviewers and gamers for its look, quality gameplay, and character development. It seemed almost crazy to ever make a sequel after the first, and yet here we are. Hopefully the sequel can live up to the original, as this one seems to be far more depressing and violent than what we’ve seen before…



Luigi’s Mansion 3

Developer: Nintendo

Style: Single player adventure

Release: TBA (Switch)


Finally a Nintendo product worth mentioning! Luigi’s mansion has had a weird release pattern with its franchise over the years. The original game launched way back on the Gamecube and the sequel was launched on the 3DS years later, with a 3DS version of the first game following close after. But Luigi’s Mansion 3 has finally been announced for the Nintendo Switch. We cannot  wait to play some family-friendly spooky fun again…




Developer: Duality Games

Style: Stealth survival horror

Release: TBA (PC)


Unholy is a weird one that tells the story of a crazy dystopian future where humans are almost extinct. Humans live on the bottom of the hierarchy while other horrific monster-humanoids live more quality lives above. The story follows the kidnapping of a woman’s infant, and you have to play as her to help find and rescue her child, as well as uncover some hidden truths along the way!


Others to look out for:

Atomic Heart

Allison Road

Apsulov: End of Gods

The Beast Inside

The Blackout Club

Daymare: 1998

The Peterson Case


World of Horror

& the two mystery games by Frictional Games


Games Available Now or next week!:

Days Gone, Metro: Exodus, Layers of Fear 2 (5/28/19), Resident Evil 2 remake, and Pathologic 2




Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed my list! Until I decide what to write next…


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  1. I found your post and got all excited because I hadn’t heard of Ghost Theory, and it looks right up my street… looked it up to find it’s been cancelled 😦

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