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You’re Not Scared, Right? – Creepypasta 2015

GBCP2Check out my stupid first attempt here.

Dog Slaughter Falls Part 1 – Creepypasta 2015

GBCPWatch the Video on our Youtube channel by clicking here.

Top 6 Pokemon Special: Water Type

pokemon water type

I am keeping my promise and continuing these top 6 Pokemon type countdowns. Next up is water type.

Now there are plenty of different types and varieties when it comes to these pocket monsters, but water easily has the most Pokemon under its roster. This means that there are a lot of them to see with only six for use to choose from. It was hard but I’m pretty sure some will agree with what we have. Read the rest of this entry

Top 6 Pokemon Special: Fire Type

FIRE TYPESHey remember when I did these way back when? like in February or something?

I feel like I should apologize for my long hiatus on these top 6’s. Besides getting busy with Art projects and my job, My interests started to move away from Pokemon due to the lack of news then. However, with all the new announcements as of recent, I am now going to try and get back on board!

So this summer was quite hot. Working ten hour shifts a day outside would make anyone flip the bird towards the direction of the large glowing orb in the sky. But then again, unironically, I really do love fire type Pokemon. There always seems to be so few great ones, but the ones that are great as most likely beyond incredible. So since I ended on a literal cold note with ice types, I will now be coming back with a flaming passion in the form our our top 6 Fire Pokemon! Read the rest of this entry

A GeekBeerz Charity Event!?

gb charityUpdate on this soon, stay tuned…

New Creepypastas page added + 2015 Creepypasta reads coming next month!

horror pasta

Creepypasta readings have become a tradition here ever since 2013. It only makes sense that we put in a page for them so people can have easy access. Yes, each one currently read so far has a link in the page. I am hoping to also do this soon with the Tagcast/no sleeps as well in the future.

Also, in correlation with this, we are going to release new Ceepypasta reads for Halloween 2015! We are currently searching down good ones to read. If you have any suggestions for what we should read please let us know asap!

our new Tagcast logo


We are constantly changing and updating our appearance here is hopes to appeal to both our audience as well as to ourselves. This will be our next tagcast logo, something simple but also noticeable. Do you like the new logo? did you like the original better? please let us know, we’re always happy to get any input.