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Welcome back! This may be kind of a cheat to do during this month, but screw it! I want to do it! Today we will be looking back at an older post that I’ve done almost over a year ago. This was a top ten list regarding creepypastas, There was also a little apology part of the post but let’s just ignore that shall we?

So for this, I’ll be analyzing and re-reading my own post to determine if my picks for the list were good or not.





Nothing better to start off with than with an infamous classic. Portraits is a rather short but impacting tale about a hunter in the forest who stumbles upon an old cabin in the darkness of a forest. Obviously I would be stupid to say anymore than that, arguably I’ve said too much already. This one is preferred to read on your own. Sure there are actual reads online to listen to but we feel the story best benefits from a personal experience. Above all else, there was no original author to note.

A LOOK BACK: Portraits still remains to be one of the best short horror stories to tell. I still have loads of fun seeing the many different reactions I receive from those I tell the tale to. It’s even better if it fails to dawn on them until much, much later where it still succeeds in creeping them out. I still think this one was a good choice for the list.



9. NoEnd HOUSE

Technically being part of a multi-part series, we are specifically referring to the first part of this one.

What would you do for five-hundred dollars? Would you go through an ordinary looking haunted house for cash? The noend house is about just that. You must go through a haunted house with a certain number of rooms, make it to the end and you’ll receive your hard earned reward. The house increases the scares from one room to the next, as the protagonist of this tale journeys through out of curiosity and the insists of a friend. Again, we cannot say more. But trust us, it’s something to behold.

A LOOK BACK: While the story itself may still be unique and creative, there may be a bit of over-glorifying here. Because as the multi-part series continue, you soon discover that the ultimate secret behind the whole thing is a tad too silly. But I guess that’s what happens when something continues for too long (just look at the Alien or Nightmare on Elm Street franchises).




The best way to describe Borrasca into one word would be “unexpected”. This story follows a boy as he moves to a new town which seems like any other small town out in the country, however the town holds a dark secret as the screeching blades from afar turns the townspeople toward the mountains to simply say one word beneath their silent breath: Borrasca.

This plays out more like a novel, an actual lengthy story but all worth it in the end. We recommend every part of this tale for you to truly release the secret behind this amazing treat.

A LOOK BACK: It is indeed a good story, but perhaps it wasn’t scary enough to be in the top 10 list? It does seem to lose that scary factor near the end, even though the story continues to entertain. I guess this one is a mixed opinion.



7. 1999

You don’t have to be a 90’s kid to enjoy this one, but it sure as heck makes it more creepy if you are.

Now there are some pretty silly creepypastas out there in the form of lost episode titles and haunted video games. Everyone has their own ideas to what makes horror prominent but we feel that a majority of these are nothing but hilarity for the over the top campy it gathers. What this and another on our list succeeds in is what we expect in anything regarding to a lost television-based program. Aside from the simple title, 1999 is written in a charted manner with dates and sections written months to years apart. It may even be continuing still despite there being no recent update as of this later year.

You could see this as being real, it’s certainly designed in such a way and we may never know it. As with the others it’s hard to explain this one in full detail. But it’s a more reaistic fear that may rub off on you in the worst of ways.

A LOOK BACK: Yep, still a good one. No regrets whatsoever. Check it out if you can, highly recommended!




Another television-based tale. Candle Cove is supposedly a title of an old children’s program that cryptically messed with the child’s mind and left them doing terrible and unnerving things.

Perhaps this list was a bad idea, Once again speaking further on about this will lead to the worst of spoiler territory. It can be said however that this story has been a point of interest in the horror community for some time. There is currently a SYFY channel show called “Channel Zero” where the first season heavily tells the Candle Cove mytho (it is still on season one as of this post). We highly recommend watching it.

A LOOK BACK: This one is still good too, more than likely better to read. Even just watching the Channel Zero season is a good idea. I kind of forgot this one became too much of an advertisement for Channel Zero… my bad.




One of the scariest themes of creepypasta involves taking a childhood icon and twisting it into a horrific malice of turmoil. This is a concept used to really strike you where it hurts. This tale has a pretty dumb name that can be easily disregarded, but doing so would lead to missing out on one of the best.

The main story involves a father who gives his son a toy, a barney the dinosaur toy. The more and more the days go one the more odd and creepy the child gets, but the toy dinosaur becomes even more odd. Aaand this is where we stop giving details. However this is another realistic tale that even has a, somewhat, good message behind it.

A LOOK BACK: This one is still great and sort of its own thing. I still haven’t come across a story quite like it.




Disney is the king of childhood, so it only makes sense for some sick people out there to make it become grotesque and disturbing. This story does it the best by adding a few true facts into the mix. This involves a mystery surrounding an abandoned attraction made by the disney corporation known as “Mowgli’s Palace”. A person decides to journey to this place to find some evidence as to what happened, and eventually he finds some pretty messed up things.

This may be seen a silly to a few, but the the concept alone is creepy enough for us.

A LOOK BACK: This one is still a good choice, there may be those who think it’s a ridiculous one, sort of an irrational fear thing, but I do not regret putting it on the list. Something about your childhood icons becoming nightmare fuel still gets to me for whatever reason.




Now this corner of the internet has spawned some pretty memorable characters, but not all of them seem worth putting on this list. Characters like Slenderman have been used poorly recently and others like Jeff the Killer are too goofy. We do enjoy anything lore based for the Five Nights at Freddie’s series, but virtually everyone knows about that by now. This story does involve a particular character creature, but it’s one we don’t dare announce and it is used to perfectio with this document-like series.

This one is fairly good to listen to as an audio piece on YouTube or other, may we recommend MrCreepyPasta?

A LOOK BACK: A good one but probably not a great one. I’m convinced at this point that this was thrown on last second when I wrote this last year.




Many who have read this entire story will understand me when I call this a “gotcha” tale. This story revolves around a man who now owns his childhood home. He remembers a time long ago when he was horrified about a scratching sound coming from the pantry door, a sound he may be hearing once more.

A story that we can promise will not end the way you think. Sort of an almost enjoyable tale to retell around a campfire.

A LOOK BACK: I still like this one personally whether or not it should be included. I think the reveal at the end is sweet and almost beautiful in a sense. Is it overly scary? Probably for most people before they reveal the secretive twist. I dunno, I like it.




This one is sort of a cheat, a big one, but we feel the the scariest type of creepypasta is any of the ritual-based ones. In particular we picked out the two we enjoy.

Three Kings is a game involving chairs and mirrors. It is a game involving precise time and dedication, as well as lots of safety precautions. The Midnight Man is no better, having to play a game in the absolute darkness while avoiding the attack of the Midnight man himself. Other ritual pastas include “How to Play Hide-and-seek by Yourself” and the very famous “Bloody Mary”.

Not really stories as they are rules and guides, but they are fun to overlook and consider if you even dare to perform any of them.

A LOOK BACK: I said it last year and I’ll say it again, Ritual creepypasta “stories” are the best ones. Why? Because they seem so easy to do on your own as well as them seeming strangely credible at times, almost as if you are certain people in real life have done them before. I do not regret this double choice here.

Hope you had fun reading. Check back tomorrow for another post, I heard one is put up at 1:00 pm or something!

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