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GBP season 1

Our Original “GeekBeerz-TAG Podcast” Cover, 2011

Hello everyone! It’s basically a broken record at this point to say that we have all been busy or occupied by worldly and lively matters as of late. Again, we stress that things will eventually return to form for us, and to prove this here are a few things in the works:

GBP 2019


The wait was long, but the original GeekBeerz Podcast is returning! For anyone who has been around since 2011 on our Blogger site, this was our original sole series back in the day (specifically, it was called “GeekBeerz-TAG”, the “TAG” part initialized all of our first names). But after thirteen episodes, and two seasons, it came to a close. It was quickly replaced with our revival series known as “Tagcast” but that had to also end due to naming rights complications, surviving for just eight or so episodes. But we’ve always wanted to eventually go back to the proper GeekBeerz name for obvious reasons, and it looks like that will be happening soon.

It will pretty much be similar to the last few podcasts we’ve done, perhaps even more nonsensical. We also hope to have a dedicated time in the week to record and, if this serves us well, we can even perhaps stream these recordings! Which would be a first for us, at least for a mainline series we do.



There is no exact time frame of when this one will kick off, but there is a confirmed season one with at least sixteen episodes planned and prepped! The Chronic Bionics will be an interesting series where Tom (me) or Geoff will attempt to explain a franchise, whether it be a book, game, toy, or film series, to the other person who will generally have no clue about what that property is about.

We’re hoping for this series to be both fun and somewhat educational to some degree.

geeky dungeon 2019


As mentioned in a prior post, Geeks in a Dungeon will likely see a soft reboot that will still involve our main characters and primarily the same sort of adventure. More details as Sherman, our Dungeon Master, develops the return of his series!

well thats creepy


It has been a long time coming since our days of reading creepypastas, short internet stories intended to frighten or creep you out, and while we still love this we have never quite had the time to record or find any good stories to tell. Again, thanks life!

It’s even hard to contribute so much to the month of October! But if this does ever come back as a regular things, perhaps it’ll instead be a special moment of release as opposed to exclusively for Halloween? Again, no real date or time for this but it’s still something we intend to get back to some day…



Not too long ago there were streams and streams of videos made by both Taylor and Tom for the adequately named “Taylor Tom Games Or Die!” Twitch channel. This of course used to be known as just “Taylor Games Or Die!” but was changed in title due to both of us appearing in every video we did, as well as the intention of doing separate things on the same Twitch channel. However due to recent events (one of us working long shifts and the other in the process of moving) it’s starting to get harder and harder to do things together.

Because of this, the name and series will revert back to “Taylor Games Or Die!” and solely be Taylor’s domain to stream and create videos. I will still aid him in creating thumbnail images and other technical aspects, but that’s about all I can do in the near future. However, that being said, I won’t be completely absent…

logo head


While I’m dealing with particular things going on in my life, I will also begin developing my secret project fairly soon! What will it be? my own Twitch Channel? Another website? You’ll have to find out in time…



For those who actually read this, thanks! Out of everything mentioned, the GeekBeerz Podcast, The Chronic Bionics, and Geeks In A Dungeon are the most likely candidates to come out first in the next couple months, with other things such as Taylor’s Twitch channel having it’s own scheduled events.

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An artist and a definite gamer, one of the original GeekBeerz members. When I'm not gaming I'm usually drawing or sketching characters and ideas. I have a strange set of interests which include horror games/films, Pokemon, Star Wars, super hero comics, and writing short stories.

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