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All Of Our Upcoming Projects

GBP season 1

Our Original “GeekBeerz-TAG Podcast” Cover, 2011

Hello everyone! It’s basically a broken record at this point to say that we have all been busy or occupied by worldly and lively matters as of late. Again, we stress that things will eventually return to form for us, and to prove this here are a few things in the works: Read the rest of this entry

The Ultimate Update

Hello guys, as promised I am here to give an update on what’s to come in the following months / the remainder of the year. While we have taken a long hiatus from the site, we are still conducting ideas and plans in the background. I think this list would go better if we were to split it into different categories… Read the rest of this entry

GBHorror2017: Top 5 Other Creepypastas


So the yesterday’s analysis of an older creepypasta list was kind of a prelude to today’s. You can technically count these as numbers eleven to fifteen, assuming it’s an addition, or expansion, to the already present list. There are again, cannot press this enough, many good and fun scary stories to read online. Real life experiences are best, but even the made up material is quite creative. Who knew so many people had sick and twisted minds to come up most of these excellent tales? Anyhow I hope anyone will enjoy these top five other stories. Read the rest of this entry

You’re Not Scared, Right? – Creepypasta 2015

GBCP2Check out my stupid first attempt here.

Dog Slaughter Falls Part 1 – Creepypasta 2015

GBCPWatch the Video on our Youtube channel by clicking here.

New Creepypastas page added + 2015 Creepypasta reads coming next month!

horror pasta

Creepypasta readings have become a tradition here ever since 2013. It only makes sense that we put in a page for them so people can have easy access. Yes, each one currently read so far has a link in the page. I am hoping to also do this soon with the Tagcast/no sleeps as well in the future.

Also, in correlation with this, we are going to release new Ceepypasta reads for Halloween 2015! We are currently searching down good ones to read. If you have any suggestions for what we should read please let us know asap!

More Creepypasta readings coming in 2014!

horror pastaDuring the whole month of October, GeekBeerz member Geoff put up a Creepypasta read video on our youtube account every single day! Now Geoff has had time to recover for more Creepypasta reads!

Don’t expect a new video everyday though, these will come at least once, maybe twice a month. Some might even be written stories by ourselves! The only one we have actually written and read was one by me called “the Scarecrow Home part 1” so expect part two to show up!

Until next time…