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Legacy of the Inclined: Why I Think “Venonat” Is Pretty Sweet


Welcome to a new post series I’ll be doing called “Legacy of the Inclined”. This is where I’ll be writing about the reasons why I think certain characters, creatures, or other are way more interesting than you may have originally thought.

For the first choice, I decided to go with Venonat. Pokemon Sun and Moon are on the horizon and the idea of these pocket monsters has been on my mind frequently. Now this little guy is not necessarily hated, but he’s not entirely as loved either. Well I hope to change your opinion on this guy with this post! Read the rest of this entry

Top 6 Pokemon Special: Grass Type


So my last top six for types came out September 23rd, of last year! Yeah college and work has really taken my time from doing these, or anything, for this site. Fortunately I’m back at it with this new grass type listing!

So far I’ve done fire, water, ice, poison, ghost, dark, psychic and bug. Meaning there are still ten types to do left, including this one so let’s get to it! Read the rest of this entry

Pokemon Through The Years (Back and Revised)


So this article is actually a very, very old one that I started back around 2012-13. It was posted on our older Blogger site and was continuously updated over the years. Well since Pokemon has become huge as of recent, and since I haven’t posted a Pokemon related post for a year (it’s literally been a year!), I decided to bring the post all the way over here and revise it again with the newly announced titles. I will warn you though that this was started at a time when I was basically way more suckish than my usual suckish self, so a lot of the writing may seem outdated.

But please, continue on to see the “Pokemon Through the Years” archive! Read the rest of this entry

Top 6 Pokemon Special: Water Type

pokemon water type

I am keeping my promise and continuing these top 6 Pokemon type countdowns. Next up is water type.

Now there are plenty of different types and varieties when it comes to these pocket monsters, but water easily has the most Pokemon under its roster. This means that there are a lot of them to see with only six for use to choose from. It was hard but I’m pretty sure some will agree with what we have. Read the rest of this entry

Top 6 Pokemon Special: Ice Type

ICE type headerWell I guess we took a long enough break from making another Top 6 Pokemon countdown. Things have certainly picked up for us in the new 2015 year, we just started our new Podcast series and have many more new surprises along the way. I decided to take a break from writing these Top 6 Pokemon things in hopes of branching out and doing other things for the site. I probably waited a bit too long though because my last one was literally early the next day after Halloween. But here is another one, finally this trend continues again.

We live in Utah, and believe us when we say the weather gets… Complicated. This fact is especially true around the month of January, where anything can happen. Last few days in particular have been a mixed bag between rainy days and nice sunny days. However there is still a cold presence from winter that can still make you shiver, that’s why this Top 6 is about the Ice types.

Being the original Dragon slayers, with a big distaste for Fire, Ice type Pokemon have certainly come in all shapes and sizes. Some are quite obvious and basic designs that you would easily expect, but others may surprise you.

Anyways, enough ramble, here is our Top 6 Ice Types! Read the rest of this entry

After-Halloween Event: Top 6 Pokemon Special: Ghost Type

GHOSTSo it’s about 3:40 AM while writing this. Halloween was a pretty fun night for the whole gang. We’ll have lots of stuff to write about for our Halloween extravaganza, including mini “FEAR” reviews and one particular Top Five list, but since there was a great role on shooting out these Pokemon Top 6’s it only makes sense to actually finish off the Halloween Pokemon spirit with Ghost type!

Sorry if this list seems to lack some writing and grammer/spelling. Again though, 3:40 AM. Read the rest of this entry

Top 6 Pokemon Special: Dark Type

DARKContinuing our Top 6 Pokemon lists for our Halloween night, we move quickly ahead to the Dark types. Dark type is one of the coolest types out there, it just makes you think evil and vicious which fits perfectly with our holiday! Read the rest of this entry

Top 6 Pokemon Special: Psychic Type


Sorry about the Delay of posts as of recent, We have been pretty busy with College work and, well, work work. But as promised we will be dominating all things Halloween, including the Pokemon top 6 posts.

As I said before, we will be covering our top 6 Poison, Psychic, Dark, and Ghost Pokemon. Poison has been covered so now on to Psychic! Amongst the eerie and creepy creatures of the night, there is also Witches, voodoo, and other sorts of magic users. Psychic type started out as just that, the scary magical creatures that seemed nearly impossible to defeat. So it makes sense to release this top 6 for the holidays. Read the rest of this entry

Top 6 Pokemon Special: Poison Type

POISONContinuing our Top 6 Pokemon agenda, we will be looking more into particular types. October is here, and we are in the mood for the horrifying holiday season! So the next top 6 posts will be tops for Poison, Dark, Ghost, and Psychic types (not necessarily in that order of release).

Anyways, Here’s our top 6 for Poison types! Read the rest of this entry

[UPDATED] Devolutions!? Gamefreak Stop Messing With Us!


The yesterday from CoroCoro reveals is a bit more confusion among other things. While it’s awesome to hear the news about more Mega evolutions like Sceptile, Gamefreak decided to hurt our gaming minds even more with the complicated Groudon and Kyogre forms, which are essentially “Devolutions” that revert them back into their prehistoric states.

So what the heck does this mean for the plot in these new remakes? How does this affect the future of Pocket Monsters? Read the rest of this entry