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Pokemon Sword/Shield: Is Armor Evolution Mode Real?


Hello everyone, once again we have to discuss Pokemon Sword and Shield. There are countless theories, leaks, and rumors regarding these games, ranging from the amount of new Pokemon there will be to what the potential enemy factions will be like. But one theory seems to stand above the rest, one that outstandingly would make some sense in all of this. That theory is in regards to the armored evolution rumor, where existing Pokemon receive some type of gimmicky stone/power-up in order to evolve further into a newly armored version of said Pokemon, very similarly to Mega evolutions. While this may seem crazy at first, this post will list all of the reasons why this may very well be factual. Read the rest of this entry


Pokemon Sword And Shield: Top 6 Outlandish Predictions


Hello everyone! Did ya happen to catch that Nintendo Direct really really this morning? Well I decided to get up and watch it, and boy was I blown away! After watching the Direct I had a ton of thoughts going through my head, some of them pretty crazy. So I decided to share six of them with you today. Some are obvious and others are just… yeah.

Please enjoy my nonsense ideas! Read the rest of this entry

Pokemon Top 6’s Will Return Eventually…


Hello everyone! Well we’ve certainly been streaming a bit these past couple of weeks, but through all of this I just had to sit and wonder if I should ever go back to making posts again. Not to say that I’d stop forever, but what type of posts can be engaging enough for me to both do and frequently do at once? I soon started to think about those Pokemon top 6 lists I would occasionally do now and then, picking our personal favorite kinds of Pokemon within particular types and such. And it got me wanting to both continue and even redo these posts again!

I am currently trying to see how well handled it is, but eventually there will both be video and post list that will hopefully come out alongside each one another, it may be a longer wait but if it is handled well it’ll be worth it!

I’ll possibly start with redoing the BUG type list, both to update some reasons for classic picks as well as changing the list since new generations of Pokemon and stuff has happened since this list was made.

Be sure to check back for future content!


Top 6 Pokemon Special: Grass Type


So my last top six for types came out September 23rd, of last year! Yeah college and work has really taken my time from doing these, or anything, for this site. Fortunately I’m back at it with this new grass type listing!

So far I’ve done fire, water, ice, poison, ghost, dark, psychic and bug. Meaning there are still ten types to do left, including this one so let’s get to it! Read the rest of this entry

After-Halloween Event: Top 6 Pokemon Special: Ghost Type

GHOSTSo it’s about 3:40 AM while writing this. Halloween was a pretty fun night for the whole gang. We’ll have lots of stuff to write about for our Halloween extravaganza, including mini “FEAR” reviews and one particular Top Five list, but since there was a great role on shooting out these Pokemon Top 6’s it only makes sense to actually finish off the Halloween Pokemon spirit with Ghost type!

Sorry if this list seems to lack some writing and grammer/spelling. Again though, 3:40 AM. Read the rest of this entry

Top 6 Pokemon Special: Psychic Type


Sorry about the Delay of posts as of recent, We have been pretty busy with College work and, well, work work. But as promised we will be dominating all things Halloween, including the Pokemon top 6 posts.

As I said before, we will be covering our top 6 Poison, Psychic, Dark, and Ghost Pokemon. Poison has been covered so now on to Psychic! Amongst the eerie and creepy creatures of the night, there is also Witches, voodoo, and other sorts of magic users. Psychic type started out as just that, the scary magical creatures that seemed nearly impossible to defeat. So it makes sense to release this top 6 for the holidays. Read the rest of this entry

Top 6 Pokemon Special: Poison Type

POISONContinuing our Top 6 Pokemon agenda, we will be looking more into particular types. October is here, and we are in the mood for the horrifying holiday season! So the next top 6 posts will be tops for Poison, Dark, Ghost, and Psychic types (not necessarily in that order of release).

Anyways, Here’s our top 6 for Poison types! Read the rest of this entry

Top 6 Pokemon special: Bug Type

BUG type header

Continuing our Top 5 posts still! Not only that, but also introducing Top 6 Pokemon posts every other week!(top 6 because you can only hold six Pokemon in your party… and… yeah, clever?)

Our Poke-Tops will include topics such as types, characters, pokeballs, gym leaders, elite four leaders,attacks, starters, legendaries, abilities, and many more! We will probably go through all types first though.

So here is our Bug type list! Read the rest of this entry