Top 6 Pokemon Special: Poison Type

POISONContinuing our Top 6 Pokemon agenda, we will be looking more into particular types. October is here, and we are in the mood for the horrifying holiday season! So the next top 6 posts will be tops for Poison, Dark, Ghost, and Psychic types (not necessarily in that order of release).

Anyways, Here’s our top 6 for Poison types!


1. our “type” top 6’s will NOT include any starters or legendaries. This is due to those specific Pokemon being obvious choices, we will use them for certain top 6’s in the future

2. this list will mostly go by personal favorites either by childhood nostalgia or from which ones we liked from the games. However some stats, abilities, etc. could be mentioned here or there.

3. This list is a bit PERSONAL to either the post writer or all of GeekBeerz,do not be in any way mad if your favorite didn’t make the list or whatever. In short: Don’t overreact bro, this is just for fun!

4. This list isn’t in any “best or worst” lineup, and one isn’t necessarily better or worse over another, they are all equally fair in these lists



Arbok is actually quite a cool Pokemon, not just because it’s name is “Kobra” backwards. He makes a great use for any team that is in need of one Poison powerhouse to wipe the floor.

Snakes in particular are cool creatures. They manage without limbs and eat things larger than themselves. There are quite a number of snake-like Pokemon out there (at least snake in term of limbless) but Arbok just seems like so much more. A king, as in the King Cobra, as in Arbok is king of snakes! it even has a terrifying looking design on it’s neck crest, looking like a menacing face to scare or mesmerize foes.

Granted, the anime show had an Arbok on the team rocket roster and it unfortunately was treated unfairly and never fully extended it’s potential, at least in our opinion.



Yep, Arbok isn’t the only slithery fiend on this top six. It’s hard to pick a favorite between the two obvious poisonous snakes in the Pokemon world, because both are unique and royally awesome.

Seviper is a long black viper that has rather large red fangs. They could have easily made the fangs regular white, but instead the creator of this thing said screw it and made them red. He also has red eyes, as if the evilness in his fangs wasn’t enough for you. His tail also has a red edge on sharp end, which is probably some snake trait but mostly just reminds us of the Xenomorph’s tail.

Want another cool fact? Seviper has a long rivalry with Zangoose, and both are awesome looking and probably equal enemies in combat.



This pile of garbage has more to it than meets the eye. Basically, it’s not just a pile of garbage like most people think.

Trubbish is basically what you get if you threw Pikachu into the dump, it lived there for ages, got into mutagen somehow, and altered it’s appearance and colors. The uniqueness of this creature its within both it’s design and silhouette. You know what it is when you see it and can identify this shape from anywhere. And, unlike the other turd that is Magikarp, Trubbish can probably be useful.

It sort of loses this unique design when it evolves into Garbodor, sadly.



Are you starting to realize that many Poison types have unique designs? Because this one is no different!

Ariados and Spinarak are the first actual spider Pokemon to appear in the national dex. Ariados out of the two has quite the interesting choice of color. This Bug/Poison type could possibly make you think it could also be an Electric or Dark type by it’s yellow legs or black body stripes, assuming you knew nothing of this spider beforehand or lacked research capabilities.

Also, what are those two things on it’s back? Extra legs? Two more stingers? Was it intended to fly or evolve into a flying spider? Maybe a future evolution or Mega could reveal the real answer.



Rose creature, we didn’t ask for you but you sure are cool.

This is definitely one of those split gender Pokemon that we can totally see being either gender and not just assuming it’s one over another. We can see Roserade being either a tomboy girl or a girly dude. This beauty was a newly introduced evolution to Roselia in Generation four, while Roselia showed use that beauty can be deadly, Roserade just acts upon that theory. It also has this superhero personality to it’s design as well, a green mask looking face and leafy cape? Sweet.



Amphibians had an interesting progression in the Pokemon. First we got the Poliwhirl Pokemon and evolutions which never really looked like frogs, then we got wooper, quagsire and Politoad which were heading in the right direction. But now we have the cool frogs Croagunk and Toxicroak, who are also surprisingly the first non-water amphibians.

Toxicroak is both a Poison and Fighting type Pokemon, which makes us think that he is an honorable fighter that can also cheat and kill it’s way into victory. the stingers on it’s fists are similar to the fangs on Seviper, red and noticeably dangerous. This is also one of the cooler evolution chains where they take an already cool looking guy and alter him to be even cooler.


(stars (*) represent how close they got to making the list)








NOTE: most of the close ones will appear on other top six entries!

Did you like our poison type post? what are your favorite poison types? Let us know!

See ya at the next top 6!

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  1. My two favorite Poison type is definitely Mega Venusaur. Thick Fat, Sludge Bomb, and a shower cap. What’s not to love? =)

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