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Pokemon Through The Years [6/6/19 EDIT]

Pokemon through the years

With more information recently revealed, another update to our continuing list of “PokemonĀ  through the years”. Check it out! Read the rest of this entry

Outlandish Prediction: The Rockruff Evolution Line Is A Precursor To The Sword And Shield Legendaries…


Hello everyone, I am back again with more Pokemon! More specifically, I’m back with one very outlandish prediction and personal theory. I believe the title says it all so please continue reading for a further explanation in context… Read the rest of this entry

Pokemon Sword/Shield: Is Armor Evolution Mode Real?


Hello everyone, once again we have to discuss Pokemon Sword and Shield. There are countless theories, leaks, and rumors regarding these games, ranging from the amount of new Pokemon there will be to what the potential enemy factions will be like. But one theory seems to stand above the rest, one that outstandingly would make some sense in all of this. That theory is in regards to the armored evolution rumor, where existing Pokemon receive some type of gimmicky stone/power-up in order to evolve further into a newly armored version of said Pokemon, very similarly to Mega evolutions. While this may seem crazy at first, this post will list all of the reasons why this may very well be factual. Read the rest of this entry

Pokemon: Through The Years (Revised for 2019)


Hello Everyone. It has been a long, LONG time but it is about time that I do another update on our “Pokemon Through The Years” page! This page was started years ago, way back when Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire were still not out! I have tried to keep it relevant since then! And with the announcement of new game entries, it’s time to keep up to date once again! Hope you guys enjoy it, whether you’re new or re-viewing it.

Read the rest of this entry

Top 6 Pokemon special: Bug Type

BUG type header

Continuing our Top 5 posts still! Not only that, but also introducing Top 6 Pokemon posts every other week!(top 6 because you can only hold six Pokemon in your party… and… yeah, clever?)

Our Poke-Tops will include topics such as types, characters, pokeballs, gym leaders, elite four leaders,attacks, starters, legendaries, abilities, and many more! We will probably go through all types first though.

So here is our Bug type list! Read the rest of this entry

[UPDATED] Devolutions!? Gamefreak Stop Messing With Us!


The yesterday from CoroCoro reveals is a bit more confusion among other things. While it’s awesome to hear the news about more Mega evolutions like Sceptile, Gamefreak decided to hurt our gaming minds even more with the complicated Groudon and Kyogre forms, which are essentially “Devolutions” that revert them back into their prehistoric states.

So what the heck does this mean for the plot in these new remakes? How does this affect the future of Pocket Monsters? Read the rest of this entry