Top 6 Pokemon Special: Grass Type


So my last top six for types came out September 23rd, of last year! Yeah college and work has really taken my time from doing these, or anything, for this site. Fortunately I’m back at it with this new grass type listing!

So far I’ve done fire, water, ice, poison, ghost, dark, psychic and bug. Meaning there are still ten types to do left, including this one so let’s get to it!


1. our “type” top 6’s will NOT include any starters or legendaries. This is due to those specific Pokemon being obvious choices, we will use them for certain top 6’s in the future

2. this list will mostly go by personal favorites either by childhood nostalgia or from which ones we liked from the games. However some stats, abilities, etc. could be mentioned here or there.

3. This list is a bit PERSONAL to either the post writer or all of GeekBeerz, do not be in any way mad if your favorite didn’t make the list or whatever. In short: Don’t overreact bro, this is just for fun!

4. This list isn’t in any “best or worst” lineup, and one isn’t necessarily better or worse over another, they are all equally fair in these lists



When it comes to the first generation of Pokemon, not many people fully realize how truly bizarre most of the Kanto creatures were before we had a trash bag or ice cream cone. Take bellsprout for example, it looks like someone literally ripped him out of the ground and threw him into the battle arena. he is just stem and roots, but he has a passion for victory. I remember a particular episode of the anime where a bellsprout showed no mercy with his kung-fu talents, leaving it up to Ash’s muk to defeat the little weed (this is all I remember actually, perhaps my memory has failed me?)

Actually I find the design to be really creative, more so than his unfortunate evolutions (yeah, weepinbell does look like krusty the clown). Perhaps bellsprout is more strongly remembered by the correlation to the infamous bellsprout tower, where a particular rainbow bird transformed three “eevee-not-eevee-dogs” into the legendary dogs of generation two.




Like previously stated, generation one had some pretty weird concepts. This palm tree of many goofy faces actually evolves from pink eggs. Apparently it got sick of living in dirt so it decided to grow legs and explore the world. It explored so far that it actually ended up in the Alolan region, where it happily compensated for… something.


Exeggutor is actually quite a beast. I guess you can thank its grass and psychic combo, which is honestly a pretty unique combination. I’ve seen plenty of these at the spotlight of Pokemon GO gyms for the horrid team mystic (full disclosure: team valor for the win!). Its alolan dragon type addition will probably be even more insane. I’m pretty sure it will be considering my powerhouse team has a mega sceptile that is honestly overpowered.




I was never a big fan of the oddish line, even after they included bellossum. However I think the hopip line is amazing, the idea of little grass dudes learning how to float around is funny to me but in a good way. Jumpluff has always been a design that I loved growing up. I’m pretty biased because generation two is pretty close to me, probably more than generation one, but I consider jumpluff as one of these absolute best.

There has been talk about how jumpluff is actually pretty favorable competitively, this is most likely true but I cannot verify this personally. Unfortunately I have not used a jumpluff on my team since emerald version but I hope to use one again in the future so that I may learn of its true worth.




Cacti are a pain, I’m familiar with the pain they bring from living in a desert environment. I was actually pretty excited from the initial release of cactus pokemon for the Hoenn region. Unfortunately this guy freaks me the hell out!

I’m afraid of scarecrows, this pokemon has design elements inspired by scarecrows, yay? He and his posse also stalk travelers in the dead of night, waiting for them to tire and give up. What the heck are they going to do though? Can someone please tell me??? Oh well, he is on this list for a reason. I actually do like his look, they could have easily overdone it with larger spikes and a more monstrous physique. And I guess they had to put a scarecrow in the series one of these days.

Also, happy Halloween. Assuming you read this at a certain time of the year…




Look, the combination of grass and flying is a good combination. That’s why they did it again with tropius, another living proof that dinosaurs are legit. Tropius is just so specific, hes a longneck with leaves that has gone bananas. Hes similar to a bumblebee to me, how can he fly with such a booty-licious bod?

I’ve never used one on my team before, but I consider him a staple-point to the third generation. Perhaps the route he derives from overshadows him due to the inclusion, and rarity thereof, of absol in the tall grass, but to be fair it’s easier to see a giant sauropod walking around then a smaller wolf creature with the better hiding advantage.




I’m pretty sure the name alone sold me on this one. Gogoat is pretty great. Being a still fairly new pokemon from the X and Y games, it didn’t take him long to win the hearts of fans. The design is great, the colorization on him is stunning, and the advertising gimmick of riding him in certain areas was pretty cool too. I haven’t used him on my team yet, but according to GeekBeerz member Geoff he’s quite the joy.

Can we also mention how his baby counterpart, Skiddo, is one of the most adorable things I’ve seen on God’s green earth!?

Image result for skiddo



Thank you for reading this new top six. I hope to finish the remaining nine types soon, although I cannot promise when the next one will arise. However if this one gets the right amount of interest, I’ll attempt to release a new one as soon as humanly possible!

note: I will not be doing the honorable mention part anymore, I may bring up interest in one of two but there won’t be a whole listing of them.



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