After-Halloween Event: Top 6 Pokemon Special: Ghost Type

GHOSTSo it’s about 3:40 AM while writing this. Halloween was a pretty fun night for the whole gang. We’ll have lots of stuff to write about for our Halloween extravaganza, including mini “FEAR” reviews and one particular Top Five list, but since there was a great role on shooting out these Pokemon Top 6’s it only makes sense to actually finish off the Halloween Pokemon spirit with Ghost type!

Sorry if this list seems to lack some writing and grammer/spelling. Again though, 3:40 AM.


1. our “type” top 6’s will NOT include any starters or legendaries. This is due to those specific Pokemon being obvious choices, we will use them for certain top 6’s in the future

2. this list will mostly go by personal favorites either by childhood nostalgia or from which ones we liked from the games. However some stats, abilities, etc. could be mentioned here or there.

3. This list is a bit PERSONAL to either the post writer or all of GeekBeerz,do not be in any way mad if your favorite didn’t make the list or whatever. In short: Don’t overreact bro, this is just for fun!

4. This list isn’t in any “best or worst” lineup, and one isn’t necessarily better or worse over another, they are all equally fair in these lists




Barely gone and barely there.

Haunter has been a personal favorite of Tom’s ever since Pokemon Red version. While playing Red, Tom caught a Ghastly in hopes of evolving it all the way into a Gengar for the elite four. By the time of the elite four, Tom had a powerful Haunter higher than level 60 but still no Gengar (Tom was unaware of the trade-back evolution method at the time). This was ok though because Tom discovered a new found love for Haunter over what seemed like years to a child to level this guy up.

Needless to say, Haunter is favored by Tom over Gengar. Is Gengar better in terms of stats and power? Yes, but who cares?



Devilish with style!

When you think of ridiculously simple design for a greatly designed Pokemon, do you really think of anything other than Gengar? This guy is just pure purple with a solid, and well defined body shape. He is a perfect choice for a big bad ghost, especially for being the only ghost, along with the evolution chain, in generation one.

The mega form is also a treat. You start with a gas ball of nothingness, turn into a half-ish form that isn’t quite there yet, become completely physical, and just go completely nuts! How else do you describe it? It’s Gengar letting out all his demonic juices!



A ghost of a shell (da-dum ‘ching’)

Shedinja may seem like just leftover peeled skin from a Nincadas evolution into Ninjask, which is pretty much how the evolution method works, but in reality this Ghost/Bug holds a lot of immunity and dark secrets.

Looking into it’s hole on it’s back will basically screw you over for life. Charming to know, since using it always has it’s back turned towards you. It also seemingly has pokeballs for eyes, which just fits the whole “taking your soul” beef surrounding the guy. But he can’t be all bad right? He does have a halo over his head after all.



Children of the forest.

Are you a child that wants to be a Pokemon? Well there is a way, a deep dark and disturbing way. You basically get yourself lost in the woods, that’s it. Presumably Phantumps are spirits of children that got lost and died in the forest… holy crap.  That story, plus the great design, make this newbie a classic horror fest within the ghoulish side of the Pokemon universe.



Never leave a doll behind!

Banette is basically known by now, if you don’t know about it then there’s probably a lost doll of yours waiting to tell the tale to you… then kill you. Banette is out on a mission to get revenge on children who abandon it. I don’t know what type of children play with these kinds of freaky dolls but dang why would you dare betray it?

It mega evolves, great. More power and scare tactics to destroy children.



The child napper.

Why are ghost so against children? Duskull may be nothing compared to the evolutions, Dusclops and Dusknoir, but jeez is this one pretty terrifying! It is said to spirit-away bad children who don’t listen to their parents, this may seem like a justified decision on the ghosts point of view but isn’t that punishment just a bit too harsh? What do they mean by “spirited-away” exactly? Does this require Duskull to kill them and bury the evidence? Does he simply send them to purgatory to spend their days haunted by other ghost Pokemon? We need to know!

Again, why pick on the children?


(stars (*) represent how close they got to making the list)


Yeah, that seems like a cheat to not list specific ones. However we have come to the conclusion that every single ghost has something new to bring and is worth a mention. This even includes the ones like Rotom, who does nothing but take possession of house appliances. Every ghost has a tale, and every ghost Pokemon is legitimately awesome..

So what are your favorite ghostly pocket monsters? We’d like to know. Until next Top 6…

H A P P Y  H A L L O W E E N !

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An artist and a definite gamer, one of the original GeekBeerz members. When I'm not gaming I'm usually drawing or sketching characters and ideas. I have a strange set of interests which include horror games/films, Pokemon, Star Wars, super hero comics, and writing short stories.

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