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The Ultimate Update

Hello guys, as promised I am here to give an update on what’s to come in the following months / the remainder of the year. While we have taken a long hiatus from the site, we are still conducting ideas and plans in the background. I think this list would go better if we were to split it into different categories… Read the rest of this entry

“Taylor Games Or Die” Gets A Semi-New Title On Twitch + Stream Announcement!


Hello everyone! First off I want to announce that tonight we’ll be streaming “A Way Out” on our twitch channel! At the time of this post going live, it’ll be happening within the next hour or so. We’ll most likely be streaming this game for the next few weeks to come.

Another announcement is that the title of our twitch channel has also gotten a change in name, albeit slightly. Instead of just being called “Taylor Games Or Die” (or “taylorgamesordie” as it is technically written on twitch) will now be known as “Taylor Tom Games Or Die” (taylortomgamesordie). This is done for the fact that, in the future, there may be individual “solo” streams from either myself or Taylor. Of course we’ll still be together to play the bigger or more ridiculous titles, but perhaps there will be days where Taylor will want to play a session of Fortnite or perhaps I will want to play an hour of Warframe.

This is also to keep the initials of “TGOD”, which we very much like!

Anyways we hope our stream will be watched, if not that’s cool too. At the very least we’ll finally be able to play this game!

Anyways it’s your life, have fun…

“Taylor Games Or Die” Returns From The Grave Soon, What Should You Expect?

TGOD cover man.png

Hello everyone! And welcome to a very unsurprising announcement by us. While we are still in that moment of both adjusting and redoing our usual activities here, Taylor and myself thought it best to re-reveal that “TGOD”, which normally means “Taylor Games Or Die” and sometimes “Tom Games Or Die”, is still very much a thing. We even made an announcement video, which you can also view on our youtube channel HERE.

Sure, our twitch channel (which you can view by clicking HERE) has been dead-ish for a while, and we’ve all been busy with the sinister pressures of normal life getting in the way, but we have decided to bring this back and, hopefully, create a consistent schedule. We will also be making sure that we deliver the best possible quality for each video as possible, we’ll probably even stream directly on our youtube channel too at times.

But what kind of games will we be playing? Well our choices will range from playing either the most popular thing, the most interesting or unique things, and occasionally the most garbage thing. But here are just some of the ideas that we have coming up so far:

  • Tay & Tom Find A Way Out (a playthrough of the game “A Way Out”)

This will likely be a series split into parts or segments, we both co-bought this together and have planned this playthrough for quite a while now. This might actually be our first legit recording we do.

  • Tom’s Infamy (a playthrough of the “Season of Infamy” segments of “Batman: Arkham Knight”)

Taylor has given me some crap for not playing these add-on story segments of the third Rocksteady Arkham games, and what better way to do it then to stream it all?

  • Taylor Versus VR (random games on Playstation VR)

Taylor spent money on a Playstation VR, Tom has quite a number of VR oriented games for Taylor to play, what a perfect set up!

Well that’s just some of the stuff planned. Be sure to check back regularly for any upcoming content or uploads. Geeks In A Dungeon is still getting episodes and the video version of the first episode is still getting worked on and will be out soon. Also, an upcoming series known as “We Hate Ourselves, So We Watch Bad Movies” is still releasing hopefully soon.

You can also visit the Taylor Games Or Die twitch channel to view previous streams…

GBHorror has begun!

tgod ewtp.png

Happy October 1st everyone! We are very excited to once again bring about the joy of the Halloween holiday with new content! Now titled GBHorror 2016!

Expect lots of new creepypasta reads, horror game recordings (including streams on twitch), and other fun and exciting things! Our first GBHorror video, Emily Wants To Play – TGOD 19, will be on our youtube within the hour! You can view it at this link when it’s finished uploading: Emily Wants To Play – GBHorror 2016

New Series: Tom N’ Tay


A crude Pre-cover idea

Introducing our new a upcoming mini series Tom N’ Tay! To coincide with other features with us , including “Sunday Tags” on our Youtube channel, myself and Taylor will be doing our own thing on the side alongside GeekBeerz Podcast as a sort of mini-cast. Read the rest of this entry

[EDIT] Special Tom N’ Tay streaming of the Bioshock Collection this weekend


[EDIT] – It has come out today from a source working with 2K (the publishing gaming company that helped bring Bioshock to fruition) that anyone with a console copy of the recent “Bioshock collection” will be unable to stream at this time. Due to this we are forced to halt this stream this weekend. until the streaming capabilities ae possible, Bioshock will have to wait. Still expect some streams in the near future…

Original story:

To start up our new “Tom N’ Tay” segment, we are going to be livestreaming the Bioshock collection starting this weekend! Read the rest of this entry

Coming very soon…


Upcoming GeekBeerz events!

We are back guys and we have loads of new things planned to keep you guys all entertained. While not visually shown or mentioned, we have been discussing behind the scenes about the future of the website, what to do next, how to keep on living and keeping the interests of people.

Well now we have that plan, or should I say plan”S”.


GB official

Still in development

We normally develop a new logo design once a year. This act of change was simply just tradition amongst us, similar to how we changed themes on our old blogger website. However, our ultimate plan now is to develop an outstanding logo design that will triumph for years to come!

As you can see above, we a playing around with this idea of a liquid drop design with the “GB” initials within it. This design would come with a phrase (to keep the phrase safe, we will not be mentioning it right now).



In Development

When we ended our GBP podcast series, it wasn’t to be done with podcast’s for good. We actually kind of miss the old days of just sitting around and discussing games and other things in the media. So we decided we would soon return, but return in a new and better form.

We just recently got new equipment and our recording laptop has been recently fixed. I and everyone else cannot promise a time or date of when we’ll be uploading the first episode in the series, but expect it soon.


TGOD 3Taylor has been beaten, destroyed, tortured, and scarred since the last Taylor Games Or Die episode, which is why it sort of died for a while. But the good news is that he’s still alive.

To be more precise, he is going into surgery for his shoulders, elbows and knees. He also has a recent heart condition that may or may not be of major concern (yes, we are aware that the world hates Taylor). So as you can imagine, he has been a little down lately. Fortunately he is willing to continue making videos whenever he can! And expect him to appear on the podcast as well.

Episode three was originally planned to be a three-part Infamous: Second Son run, however we realized that the game doesn’t qualify under our “Games Taylor Wouldn’t Normally Play” category. So now episode three will be a start of a two-part Octodad: Dadliest Catch run.

Expect episode three later today!


We have plans to do weekly events that are each different and could last from a week to four weeks! We only have a few planned currently:

THE MCU MARATHON WEEK: here we watch all movies part of Marvel Studio’s Marvel Cinematic Universe, We start with Iron Man on a Monday, and end with Captain America: the Winter Soldier or Guardians of the Galaxy on the following week. A movie per day with an added impressions recording by Geoff, giving his opinions on each individual film.

THE HORRIBLE FILM MARATHON WEEK: as it is clearly mentioned, here we will be watching the six worst films we know, Monday to Saturday, starting with the not too bad and ending on the worst one of the six. Movies consist of bad films like the Last Airbender, Catwoman, and even Birdemic.

MASS EFFECT WEEKLY MARATHON: this one will definitely last more than a week. We play through all three Mass Effect games, beginning to end, with our own uniquely created character.

RESISTANCE WEEKLY MARATHON: currently already in the process, we will be playing through all three Resistance games, beginning to end.


Thanks to whoever reads this. This was simply just an update post but hopefully everyone understands and expect great things to come!


Upcoming Taylor Games Or Die Vids

TOBY B PLAYS INFAMOUS SSTaylor Games Or Die is the new series by Taylor Bergstrom, it is not only a way to entertain you guys and make fun youtube videos, but it’s also a way for Taylor to expand his play history and get invested into games which, on his own, he would never play regularly.

Read the rest of this entry

First video: Tay B plays Outlast!

TOBY B PLAYS OUTLASTGuess what? We got ourselves a Playstation 4! Guess what? we got Outlast!

Outlast is arguably the most horrifying game to come out of 2013, but now we get to play it on a next gen console! We may make more vids of this game if the first one does fairly successful.

Until next time…