New Series: Tom N’ Tay


A crude Pre-cover idea

Introducing our new a upcoming mini series Tom N’ Tay! To coincide with other features with us , including “Sunday Tags” on our Youtube channel, myself and Taylor will be doing our own thing on the side alongside GeekBeerz Podcast as a sort of mini-cast.

These episodes will only last an hour or less and will be introducing two ideas which we normally considered for our main podcast but felt we could do other things instead.


Besides introduction, the first ten minutes or less will include “DEX-tionary”. This is an idea where we take some time to read every pokedex entry and explain our impressions about one specific pokemon, the pokemon we talk about is determined by the epsiode # (example: episode six will be about Charizard because he’s #006 in the national dex).

After that, the remaining 40-50 minutes will be an in-depth discussion about a specific series or franchise. It is a randomized pick each episode and will include theories, personal opinions, character analysis, and of course spoilers. picks will range from anything including Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Marvel, DC comics, Bioshock, Pokemon, Five Night’s At Freddies and many many more.

Episodes will soon be recorded and eventually released every Wednesday night, as part of our upcoming new schedule, so we’ll be sure to announce the first release soon!

About ToppleTomr

An artist and a definite gamer, one of the original GeekBeerz members. When I'm not gaming I'm usually drawing or sketching characters and ideas. I have a strange set of interests which include horror games/films, Pokemon, Star Wars, super hero comics, and writing short stories.

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