GBHorror2017: Top 5 Other Creepypastas


So the yesterday’s analysis of an older creepypasta list was kind of a prelude to today’s. You can technically count these as numbers eleven to fifteen, assuming it’s an addition, or expansion, to the already present list. There are again, cannot press this enough, many good and fun scary stories to read online. Real life experiences are best, but even the made up material is quite creative. Who knew so many people had sick and twisted minds to come up most of these excellent tales? Anyhow I hope anyone will enjoy these top five other stories.



Simple title, but effective story. You sort of go into the story thinking it’s going to be one kind of genre of horror, but then it becomes a completely new beast. Possibly the shortest story on the list, it’s certainly not the weakest. This is a hard one to explain, I feel as though I can’t even pinpoint the concept in it’s entirety without spoiling or ruining it. Please check it out when you can!





There is something about the religious symbolism, and prophecy of fate at the end of days, that truly creeps me out in the wrong way. This story heavily is about the end of days, and the four ends of man brought about by the four horsemen themselves. This is a tale that, while it won’t disturb too many people out there, will certainly envelope a fear upon those of faith. This can also be in favor of those who think the four horsemen are a cool thing. Now let’s be honest here, even if the idea scares you it’s almost an insult to not express this as also being awesome.






An incredibly simple and straightforward observation of a tale about what a particular character is truthfully, and realistically, terrified of in the night. Not to spoil it but for those expecting monsters and ghosts, this may not be the story for you. This story is strongly thought-provoking and really gains it’s winning by making you ponder the very thing and, maybe, allowing you to feel fear of something of which you may have never thought of fearing. I honestly hope that that last sentence wasn’t too tongue twister-ish, honestly just read the story and you’ll understand what I mean.





Who doesn’t love a good Ouija board tale? Well this one has a little more pizzazz to it than most tales. I will warn you though that the first part of this story is quite depressing and sad, as it helps to set up where the protagonists are at that time in their lives. I will also add that this story is also more beyond the lines of “messed up” than actually scary, although there are still legitimate scary material in it. Still good, must read.





This one actually has meaning to the title which correlates to how the story ends, like how the cover art of Krampus basically shows how the movie ends. But like Krampus, the ending will still get ya and you’ll be entertained. This story revolves around a father taking care of his infant daughter while his wife is away, and yeah that is basically all I will say. If anyone is a fan of uncertainty and the fear of strangers or break ins, this is the tale for you!


Thanks for looking at this other list of creepypasta tales, keep in mind that these aren’t in order of best to worst and this is just to attempt at making these cool stories more commonly known. These stories were written by other, talented writers. You can find these stories online and even read by popular Youtube channels (CreepsMcPasta, MrCreepypasta, etc.). Check back at 1 pm tomorrow for yet another GBHorror thing!

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