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TOP 10 CreepyPasta Stories + Apology


Yeah it has been quite a month for all of us. Yesterday was possibly the most horrifying moment for america so perhaps now is the absolute best moment to post this top ten, something I’ve wanted to do for some time now.

There are no Slenderman’s or killers named Jeff here, these are the top ten creepypastas that we think stand out above others. Obviously some no-brainers will be here, especially those which gained populace as of late, but perhaps there will be one which you’ve never heard of. Guess you’ll have to read and find out! Read the rest of this entry


[EDIT] Special Tom N’ Tay streaming of the Bioshock Collection this weekend


[EDIT] – It has come out today from a source working with 2K (the publishing gaming company that helped bring Bioshock to fruition) that anyone with a console copy of the recent “Bioshock collection” will be unable to stream at this time. Due to this we are forced to halt this stream this weekend. until the streaming capabilities ae possible, Bioshock will have to wait. Still expect some streams in the near future…

Original story:

To start up our new “Tom N’ Tay” segment, we are going to be livestreaming the Bioshock collection starting this weekend! Read the rest of this entry

Coming very soon…


TGOD 7 marks our 100th video made

TGOD 7Taylor Games Or Die is not a pretty or aged series, but it is something we like to do for better or for worse.

Anyways our newest entry is about to be published on youtube, go check it out in a couple minutes if you want. But not only is it a new episode, it’s also our 100th.

How the heck did we make 100 videos?? did we seriously make 100 cruddy videos??? Pretty neat for us if you ask me.

Oh well, kind of an excuse to write more but still… pretty cool.

Two new TGOD Episodes!

TGOD 5Go check them out on youtube!, or go directly to the links on the “TGOD” page…

New “TGOD” Page / TagCast Episode One comes out Tomorrow Night or Monday Morning!

TOBY B PLAYS Fc4Yeah, we’re still doing the cheaply made Taylor Games Or Die episodes and now there is a page to keep track of them all, there’s even a new Episode. If you don’t mind two idiots playing games with poor-like video quality, then go ahead and watch them. They’re not so much an importance here as they are just something we secretly enjoy doing.

Also, Geoff plans to finally edit some things on Tagcast episode one and release it by tomorrow night. We will bug him to no end to edit and release the video but we cannot promise for sure if it actually will release tomorrow, but that was his promise to us so let’s hope it happens!

Upcoming Taylor Games Or Die Vids

TOBY B PLAYS INFAMOUS SSTaylor Games Or Die is the new series by Taylor Bergstrom, it is not only a way to entertain you guys and make fun youtube videos, but it’s also a way for Taylor to expand his play history and get invested into games which, on his own, he would never play regularly.

Read the rest of this entry

First video: Tay B plays Outlast!

TOBY B PLAYS OUTLASTGuess what? We got ourselves a Playstation 4! Guess what? we got Outlast!

Outlast is arguably the most horrifying game to come out of 2013, but now we get to play it on a next gen console! We may make more vids of this game if the first one does fairly successful.

Until next time…