Shambles And Rambles Will Conclude With Episode 20, A Sequel Series Will Arrive Soon After…

Hello there,

For a good full year this series has managed to spring out more episodes than I initial thought possible and I am very grateful for this. However, similar to how times are changing now, this series has reached it’s full potential and will be officially concluding after a successful twenty episodes under it’s wing. Not only is this a successful accomplishment to me personally, but also to everyone else here at GeekBeerz.

This was intended to be a fun series that helped us and, hopefully, others during the quarantine days of the 2020 pandemic. I would like to think that this was a coping mechanism of a podcast to help ease the tension of the sucky world around us. And as we head closer and closer to normalcy again, the less and less this podcast will seem relevant. Despite this decision, never say never again.

There will be a sequel series in the works, a test recording with three of us has already happened and all I can say now is that it’s close to being something worth taking this mantle away from what came before.

I wish to thank those I’ve come to know for actually listening to this series and I especially want to thank each of my friends individually.

Thank you Geoff for participating when you could, holding back the cursing when you could, and for dealing with all that Pokemon talk.

Thank you Taylor for bringing your unique sense of humor and charm, as well as physically showing up even if you sometimes fell asleep.

And thank you Sherman for being an amazing “co-host”, and truly prepping for these random topics, ideas, and occasionally in-depth discussions.

As I said, Shamb Ramb will live on in another series, but the classic will never be forgotten. Thank you and goodbye.


About ToppleTomr

An artist and a definite gamer, one of the original GeekBeerz members. When I'm not gaming I'm usually drawing or sketching characters and ideas. I have a strange set of interests which include horror games/films, Pokemon, Star Wars, super hero comics, and writing short stories.

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