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Spilled Drinks September 2016

It’s September and Tom, Shrew, and Geoff have things they want to spoil again! If you don’t like spoilers, then turn away. Otherwise, enjoy! Read the rest of this entry


Geek Beerz Podcast – It’s a Reunion

Hey everyone! Geoff, Tom, Shrew, Taylor, Josh, and Kelsey are back! To celebrate, we answer some old questions from an old forgotten segment. Enjoy!

An Update, Future Plans, And a Farewell to Tagcast

Here’s an update on where we’re at and why no new episodes have been put up lately.

Sunday Tags 3-13-16

In this episode of Sunday Tags, Shrew and Geoff try to figure out new mics while delivering weird game news and such.

Intro music: GAME Far From OVER – M-CUBE

Edit/Ending music: Yoshi’s Island – Score

Spilled Drinks 4

Hey everyone, and welcome back to Spilled Drinks! In this episode, Shrew gets sick, and Tom and Geoff rant about DC again. Don’t listen if your don’t like spoilers.

Sunday Tags 3-6-2016

Welcome to Sunday Tags! It’s a new feature Shrew and Geoff came up with on Sunday, and figured out what we wanted to call it halfway through recording. This week, we mainly cover Nintendo news.

Tagcast 011 – Two Boobs and a Butt

Hey everyone, and welcome to a bit of an impromptu podcast! It’s been a while, and to make of for it, we started recording when we were at our craziest in the night. Enjoy this auditory mess!

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Tagcast 010/Spilled Drinks 003 – Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens

Hey everyone! It took a while, but we’re back! In this episode, we’re joined by Taylor’s brother Josh, and Tom’s cousin Cameron to spoil the ever living crap out of everything Star Wars. Enjoy!

Tagcast 009 – Um…Games

Hey guys! Sorry these updates are getting further and further apart. It’s finals time for Tom, Taylor is getting surgery on his shoulders, and all of our schedules are getting messed up. Anyway, in this episode, Geoff and Tom talk about Hunger Games, SOMA, and rant about Star Wars: Battlefront EA for a bit. Enjoy! Read the rest of this entry

No Sleep – Animals of Farthing Wood Part 4

Hello all! We’re almost finished with the first season of Farthing Wood. Taylor joins the fun this time to witness some of the weirdest deaths we’ve seen so far. This part covers episodes 10-12.

Read the rest of this entry