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We Hate Ourselves, So We Watch Bad Movies – Resident Evil: Childhood

Hey everyone! Welcome to the semi-late Halloween special for We Hate Ourselves! Today, we’ve got kind of a weird one called Resident Evil: Childhood. This was a home movie remake of RE that some guys did back in the 90’s and recently released on YouTube and Amazon. Enjoy!

Movie can be found here if you wanna watch along:

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We Hate Ourselves, So We Watch Bad Movies – Unfriended: Dark Web

Hey Everyone! We’ve got a surprise episode comin’ in just before our Halloween special and it’s a doozy! Listen to Geoff, Tom, and Shrew suffer through the second Unfriended movie. Now with 100% less blenders!

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We Hate Ourselves, So We Watch Bad Movies – Unfriended

Hey look, it’s October again! Let’s take a look back at a terrible scary movie and an old terrible sounding recording of us making fun of it. This was originally recorded on October 3rd, 2015 back when Sherman actually used Facebook! Absolutely ancient!

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We Hate Our Christmas Special 2020

Hey all and Happy Holidays from the GeekBeerz crew! We’ve been working on a series to release for a while, and what better time to release it than Christmas Day. In this series we are calling We Hate Ourselves So We Watch Bad Movies, we will be watching bad movies and TV series and you guys can watch along as well. We provide a sync point within the episode for you.
In this inaugural episode, we will be watching Spirit: Ri- I mean Super Monsters Save Christmas and My Little Pony: Best Gift Ever.
Music used this episode:Intro: Santa Claus’s Coming To Town (with lyrics) by EndaVanera
Fail Music: So Sad from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
Outro Music: What a Surprise! Kingdom Hearts 2

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