The MCU Legacy: Thor

MCU Thor

Hello again! Let us continue our Endgame marathon-thing with the God of thunder himself: Thor. Please read if ya want, and don’t forget to check out the other character posts too!



NAME: Thor Odinson

POWERS: Can channel and wield lightning and flight through use of his Mjolnir hammer or Stormbreaker, superhuman strength and speed, can channel the Bifrost with Stormbreaker

APPEARANCES: 8 (including Endgame), first appeared in Thor (2011)


AFFILIATION(S): Avengers, Asgard, Revengers

EQUIPMENT: Stormbreaker, Mjolnir (formerly)

KNOWN FOR: Being a founding member of the Avengers, putting an end to the reign of the Dark Elves and his sister Hela, claiming the throne upon he death of his father Odin, his constant sibling rivalry with Loki.

Overview/Interpretation: Thor Odinson was an Asgardian who was known as the renowned “God of Thunder”. He was once a more arrogant and brash hero until his father took away his god-like abilities and cast him out to Midgard (earth) so that he may learn the error of his ways. Now Thor is a more responsible and considerate hero while still showing signs of his natural arrogance, albeit lesser so than before.

He has fought against his brother Loki many times, a person he once respected more than anything else back in their youth. Loki is of course an adopted Frost Giant who eventually learned the ways of trickery and illusions, thus rightfully claiming his title of “God of Mischief”, But no matter how many times they butt heads at one another, deep down the brotherly bond remains.

Thor is highly knowledgeable about the cosmic influences beyond earth, which helps the Avengers in regards to learning about such things as the Infinity stones. Thor is also seen as a powerhouse member of the team and one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole!


My Opinion: Thor is an interesting one. He is so far the only character to eventually get a complete “tune up” in a later film. Thor was a likeable character, and a powerful one at that, but he never really had a moment that made him truly stand proud among his peers for some time. Iron Man had it with the charm and charisma from the get go, and Captain America launched into stardom after the Winter Soldier film. Thor never got his moment until his third film, Thor: Ragnarok (2017), where he was given more freedom to personalize the character into something a little bit more.

His weakness will always be his arrogance and brash motivations to finish a task without clearly thinking, it’s something that may never truly leave. But his character does still learn over the course of the series. He has learned the important values of being a worthy leader, the importance of working alongside peers who are just as capable as him, and he has learned the importance of caring for the lives of others.

Alongside Iron Man and Cap, Thor is another favorite of mine! I always knew that it was important waaay back in Phase one to have the Avengers “trio” on point, and despite my little discussion about Thor not having his moment til later he was still a solid character worthy of joining the Avengers team! In case you were wondering, he is on my top five list for sure!

Thanks for reading! Next up is the Hulk! Until then…


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