GBHorror2017: Top 6 Rituals


Welcome back! So does anyone want to know what’s a really scary concept? Rituals of course. Rituals throughout the world, if not religious or innocent, can develop a true sense of morbid and horrific feelings as most of them meddle with such topics as dealing with the devil, or summoning vengeful demonic presences. This list will not include actual satanic or other rituals, but it will have interesting and oddly cool concepts and ideas that are, at the very least, fun to learn about. This will also provide links to the rituals in their entirety of rules and directions. So without further ado…

WARNING!!! – PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT THESE IN A SERIOUS MANNER! While a majority of the rituals on this list are fictitious and fun, there may be those who will try them out themselves which could result in troublesome consequences.

It is also worth noting that, like with other lists, I did not come up with these, which is why I added the links. I’m pretty sure the original creators of these ritual ideas would hate to see someone attempt these and get in trouble so please respect them by not attempting the ritual(s) in a serious manner.



The Devil Game


Items Needed:

  • Full can of salt
  • Seven candles (Red or White)
  • Something to light the candles
  • A length of red string, rope, yarn or thread
  • A full length floor or wall mirror

This ritual allows you to speak with the prince of darkness himself. It involves speaking to his “reflection” within a mirror and asking whatever question you desire the answer to. This ritual entirely resides within a church. As this is a one-on-one time with the devil, the materials you bring and the rules strictly provide many safety precautions. You can learn the specifics by the original story here: The Devil Game



One-Man Hide And Seek


Items Needed:

  • Stuffed doll (with limbs)
  • Rice to fill the doll
  • One needle
  • Crimson thread
  • Nail clippers
  • Sharp-edged tool (knife, scissors, etc.)
  • One cup of salt water
  • Bathroom (with bathtub and counter)
  • Hiding place (must have a television)

Have you ever wanted to play hide and seek with a spirit? Well then you can consider this little ritual. This involves allowing a spirit to possess a doll and then playing hide and seek with it. When it’s the dolls turn to find you you’ll want to be in your hiding place of choice. There are requirements to help you not be found by the doll. You can read more about this ritual here: One-Man Hide and Seek



The Raven Man


Items Needed:

  • A dark and quiet room (non-urban area preferred)
  • Salt
  • Five candles
  • Matches/lighter
  • Sharp object to draw blood
  • Object of protection (talisman, cross, etc.)
  • Optional candle snuffer

This is a basic ritual of summoning and releasing. Provided you have done the necessary steps, the Raven Man will appear and you can ask of him anything you desire. You will most likely not see him physically. And then with the appropriate steps given, you will release him in a safe manner. There are two versions of this ritual which you can lern more about here: The Raven Man



Midnight Game


Items Needed:

  • Candle
  • Piece of paper
  • writing implement
  • Matches/lighter
  • Salt
  • A wooden door
  • A drop of blood (yours)

Another summoning ritual which also needs precision and patience. You will allow the Midnight Man to appear by knocking on the door twenty-two times, making sure the final knock stops at exactly midnight. Then the remainder of the game is trying to keep your light from your lighter on all while avoiding the aforementioned entity. If the light goes out that means the Midnight Man is near, and you have only ten seconds to relight it. You can learn more about it here: Midnight Game



The Disney Mirror Ritual


Items Needed:

  • Piece of chalk
  • A knife with no handle
  • Broken mirror shard

This ritual will be tough since it involves staying within the Disney World Magic Kingdom after visiting hours. This ritual also involves a mirror and also avoiding more cryptic versions of Disney mascots (known as “The False”). This is a game of hiding and then retrieve items throughout certain locations of the park. You can learn more about it here: The Disney Mirror Ritual



The Ouija Board


Items Needed:

  • An actual Ouija Board
  • The many rules that come with it

This part of the list is just sort of a fun add-on. Unlike the other rituals on the list, Ouija Boards are very real objects that surprisingly not hard to obtain. Ouija Boards are basically the classic rituals of summoning and speaking to the dead, and it is worth mentioning here. There are many rules associated with the board, including never playing while in particular moods. And it is strongly advised to play with a group. You can learn more about all the rules here: Ouija Board RULES



Hope this post was another enjoyable one! Check back tomorrow for another Post…

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