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SoulsBorne Month: Top 20 Hardest Bosses – #17


Hello again, another post and another entry. You know what to do… Read the rest of this entry

SoulsBorne Month: Top 20 Hardest Bosses – #18


Welcome back! Another day another pick for our Top twenty list! Read the rest of this entry

SoulsBorne Month: Top 20 Hardest Bosses – #19


Welcome back! Here is our nineteenth pick for our major list! hope you enjoy! Please let us know what you would’ve picked for a list like this if you were to make one. Read the rest of this entry

SoulsBorne Month: Top 20 Hardest Bosses – #20


Hello everyone! So with this SoulsBorne month we’re going to be doing something a bit differently than what has been done before. we have a big list of our picks for the hardest bosses in the games, not just to veterans but also to newcomers who experience this game fresh and spoiler-free.

For this list, we’re looking at each bosses individually on their own days. So while we’ll still have other Top lists and things such as editorials, every other day will take a look at another contender for our major list of hardest bosses.

So here marks our first boss on our list, obviously leading to our personal pick for the toughest and baddest boss we know! Read the rest of this entry

SoulsBorne Month Begins Tomorrow


Be sure to check daily for featured posts regarding the From Software games, starting tomorrow…

September Is SoulsBorne Month!


Hello everyone, sorry for not posting yet again. Personally I’ve been busy with college again and the other guys are busy with the usual jobs and such, Geoff however has a wedding situation to deal with so be sure to congratulate him!

Anyways I was going to wait to announce this until it was much closer to September, but here we go: The month of September will be “SoulsBorne” month. That means that either each day, or every other day, will include some sort of post in regards to either of From Software’s popular games. These posts will include things from such games as Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Dark Souls II, Dark Souls III and even Demon’s Souls! We may even include things such as Souls-like games and perhaps even stuff regarding From Soft’s soon-to-be game that is very Souls-like in nature: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

So be sure to check back in September for all the cool things we’ll be doing!