SoulsBorne Month: Top 20 Hardest Bosses – #19


Welcome back! Here is our nineteenth pick for our major list! hope you enjoy! Please let us know what you would’ve picked for a list like this if you were to make one.



***Level of difficulties we’ll see throughout this list:

Yellow-Orange = Bosses that are not necessarily hard on their own, but hard by either cheap tricks, gimmicks, or location.

Orange = Bosses that are tough on their own, but mainly tough due to a gimmick or trick. The difference here is that the boss may heavily rely on these attributes.

Red = Bosses that are hard to beat in either numbers or skill, truly tough bros.

Maroon = Bosses that are seemingly to near impossible, the god bosses of all bosses!

19. Ruin Sentinels (Dark Souls II)


Attacks: Overhead Smash, Thrust and Swing, Swing and Smash, Spin Attack, Shield Throw, Jumping (ground or other) Attack, Lunge Attack

Rewards: 33,000 Souls (or more depending on Bonfire Intensity), Ruin Sentinel Soul

Rare Rewards: none.

Our Level: Red

Description: This is a fight that acts as a major jump in difficulty within Dark Souls II as it requires you to fight three of these things in the same area! Alessia, Ricci and Yahim are Ruin Sentinels that appear as tall and slender beings completely covered in bronze armor. Each of them carry round shields and long hammer-like Spear weapons. They act drone-like as they move surprisingly fast to strike at you, with insane distance on their potential wide hits.

Located down a hallway after venturing through many cell rooms within the Lost Bastille, the first thing you’ll notice upon entering the boss arena is the small balcony above the main floor. You’ll soon be greeted by the first Sentinel that’s literally standing right next to you on that balcony! The other two on on the main floor and have the potential to also hit you from atop the balcony. If you jump down or get hit off the balcony you will have to face all three at once, assuming you failed to handle the Sentinel atop the balcony with you first.

The main difficulty is very much handling three enemies at once, which is very much similar to Capra Demon with the huge exception being that these are three individual bosses. Each Sentinel has a good collection of various attacks that are fast and relentless, and again it’s worth repeating their ability to hit you from afar with their wide ranged attacks.

Of course, like with virtually all SoulsBorne bosses, there are tricks and strategies to help fight these three. One trick includes the obvious handling of the first Ruin Sentinel before dropping below to the other two. Another includes the obvious aid of other individuals to help ward off the other threats while you handle a single one individually at a time. One last notable information is their allergy to both blunt weapons and Magic, so having something like a Hammer dripping with a Magic upgrade will help you tremendously. Still, for first timers and those with little knowledge of these enemies will certainly find these foes both intimidating, aggravating, and of course hard to beat which is why we accept placing this enemy at number nineteen.

Check back for number eighteen of our list on September 5th!

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