Villains we want to appear in Batman: Arkham Knight

Arkham KnightBatman Arkham Knight is the third and final “Arkham” series game to be made by Rocksteady. Sure Warner Bros. Montreal may make more branched out games in the franchise (like Arkham Origins), but seeing how Rocksteady is the one that started and will end their trilogy series it is sure to end on a high note! While most memorable villains in the series already will return,including Scarecrow, Two-face, Penguin and Harley Quinn respectively, there are bound to be many new villains into the roster. Batman in particular is well-known for having a lot of dark, gritty, and overall bizarre enemies to face. But for the highly anticipated third and last game from Rocksteady, which villains would be the best fit for their final entry?

Here are our top choices of villains we want to see in the Arkham Knight game. We doubt most of these villains will be in the game, but they are the ones we can see definitely appearing in the Arkham-verse. Whether it’d be this game or some future spin-off.


Arkham KnightThink about it: Scarecrow is the main baddie this time around. Scarecrow is known for unleashing your worst fears. Batman dresses like a bat so that enemies can fear it, some versions claim he fears bats as well. Man Bat is a giant bat monster… Coincidence?

Man Bat is a villain that I am very surprised hasn’t made an appearance in the games yet. The closest we have ever gotten to even a hint at him was a mere Easter egg in the Origins game by WB Montreal. Perhaps Rocksteady has been waiting all this time to use him in their final game, perhaps Man Bat is possibly a big moment in Arkham Knight, and we just don’t know it yet. I might be alone at noticing this, but they seem to always include one “big monster” villain in each of Rocksteady’s games, like Killer Croc in Asylum and Clay Face in City, so maybe Man Bat is the “big monster” villain in this one?


Arkham KnightRat Catcher has surprisingly had many Easter eggs, and even some story elements, within the Arkham-Verse already. He had an Easter egg and character bio in asylum, and a story element with a questionable fate in City (however, it has since been proven that he indeed lives), he even had an Easter egg in Origins.

So unlike Man Bat, who has very little hints, Rat Catcher has a LOT going for him. And again, with Scarecrow being the main baddie, why wouldn’t Rat Catcher appear? Assuming the main premise of this game is fear, Rats are something that a lot of people are afraid of. And Rat Catcher is known for being able to control rats. Also, from what the first trailer for the game suggests, the villains basically control all of Gotham now. I can totally see Rat Cather attempting to grow a giant army of his sewer rats in order to control Gotham for himself!


Arkham KnightThis guy is not too known from people, unless you’re really into the Batman comics or the Beware the Batman show, and he hasn’t actually been around for that long (he first appeared in 2007). However I hope for this guy to appear in the games sometime because he is legitimately disturbing to me.

He has no powers, only being a scientist, chemist, and fairly smart overall, however the character was purposely created to be “Genuinely disturbed and disconnected”. The idea of seeing a freak scientist wearing a pig mask in the Arkham world isn’t too far-fetched at all. However he is most unlikely when compared to all the other great villains out there. Still, it would be cool to see him. Also, would they put his minion, mister Toad, into the game if Pyg appeared?


Arkham KnightPrometheus is like the more villainous version of Batman, he has extremely high intelligence and is skilled in many fighting styles with or without a weapon. The only real difference is that Batman Dresses like a bat.

While I guess he’s technically not just a Batman villain in general, he has certainly been hinted at. He would certainly be a fun character to face in the game as a boss as well. There are, unfortunately, two things that may go against this guy appearing in Arkham Knight. 1. he may be hard to put into the game with everything else going on, Rocksteady may not want to do another “Ras Al’ Ghul” moment again. And 2. the newly created villain, actually named Arkham Knight, will have a somewhat similar role anyways. If he does appear though, we will be incredibly excited! He is certainly a character that needs to be a whole lot more, and he would be more than just a henchman in this series.


Arkham KnightKiller Moth has a very intriguing… something about him. Known for having two alter egos and even having a mystery alter ego, and his amateur-like choice to dress like a moth and use various gadgets, he’s like Batman if Batman had no knowledge or proper training.

So why is Killer Moth on this list of ours? Well because of his Drury Walker alter ego version. This guy is where Killer Moth’s amateur rep comes from. Someone who is unsuccessful and not taken seriously at all. Yet somehow he turns into the big moth monster known as “Charaxes” . If Man Bat doesn’t appear as the “big monster” villain, maybe the Charaxes version of Killer Moth will be. Also, with the game already having Bane’s venom and the Titan formula, we can totally see a regular Killer moth using one of these to turn him into a monster to fight Batman. Having killer Moth appear as regular Killer Moth is still cool nonetheless.


Arkham KnightI guess it’s sort of redundant now to ask for this guy to appear in any recent DC game in general, but can you really blame anyone for wanting him? He is such a complicated yet amazing character to add into the Batman universe, that the idea of him appearing in the Arkham-Verse is very exciting.

Seeing how the Tim Drake version of Robin has already appeared in the games, and Nightwing (Dick Grayson) pretty much canon too, it is kind of mysterious that they skipped the second Robin character Jason Todd. Also, even though it was a prequel made by Montreal, there was a big “Red Hood” moment as part of Jokers origin story and stuff, just like the actual comic story! There are already people believing that the new Arkham Knight villain is actually Jason Todd in disguise, sort of as an upgraded/next step sort of thing, so already it’s clear that people really want him.

What other villains do you think will appear in Arkham Knight? Did you like any of our villain choices on this list? Remember, Batman: Arkham Knight comes out this Fall.

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  1. Incredible! This blog looks just like my old one! It’s on a entirely different topic but it has pretty much the same page layout and design. Wonderful choice of colors!

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