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GeekBeerz Podcast Ep 6 – TaylorGainsOrDies

A quite chill episode with some minor protest talk. This episode also features Geoff’s son Scott!

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GeekBeerz Podcast Ep 5 – Taylor The Sleepy Dakimakura Boy

Taylor oh so loves talking about his Japanese animation in this episode, oh boy!

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GeekBeerz Podcast Ep 4 – Hey Look, a Thing!

A glimpse into a world where no crazy viral pandemic exists.

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GeekBeerz Podcast Ep 3 – Rise of the Star Wars Rant

How is it that we get on a Star Wars rant every week? (Episode IX spoilers 19:00 – 23:00)

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GeekBeerz Podcast Ep 2 – Volcano Ant Farm! In Stores Now

A new co host joins us for this episode, and we get WAY off track. Listen, won’t you, as Geoff, Shrew, Tom, and Taylor bounce from talking about old Disney shows (some of them non-existent), to Nickelodeon, and go right back to Disney again. Also, our microphones were sprinkled with tech issue dust, so don’t breathe too deeply.

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GeekBeerz Podcast Ep 1 – How Do We Start a Podcast Again?

After a big long break, the boys are back for another attempt at podcasting! Geoff, Tom, and Sherman are back with a new After ten years, we finally get one step closer to finally answering one burning question: Can they record more than 5 podcasts per year?

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Geeks in a Dungeon Episode 4

Geeks in a Dungeon cover two

After a little time, we finally finished the next episode of Geeks in a Dungeon! I have been busy with work and with the holidays and overtime that I’ve been working its been hard to find the time to edit these episodes… BUT WE ARE BACK ON SCHEDULE!!!

In this Fantastic adventure our heroes find another ally and try to track down those pesky goblins in hopes to save their friends. Enjoy the fun, laughs, and stupidity in episode 04!

Episode 04 Save the Wolves

Geeks In A Dungeon Episode 3

Geeks in a Dungeon cover twoIn this questionable adventure our heroes rest to tend to their wounds and reveal theirs stories past. But all is not fine in the kingdom of never winter… Who is D.R., What is in the letter, and how our adventures feel about Tiny Little Creatures? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this episode of Geeks in a Dungeon.

Episode 03 Let the Little Creatures Fly

Geeks In A Dungeon Episode 2

Geeks in a Dungeon

In this exciting adventure our faithless hero’s engage in a fierce battle of brawn, nothing between them and death except their wisdom and swords; in search for their long lost friend and colleague.

Episode 02 The Tale of the Singing Goblins

Geeks in a Dungeon Episode 1 Out Now!

Geeks in a Dungeon

Its finally D and December, and to kick off this amazing month we are uploading our first ever episode of Geeks in a Dungeon.

After months of preparing and planning we are finally ready, this new sub-podcast hopes to bring you faithful listeners an exciting adventure every other week in the world of Dungeons and Dragons. (a real play d&d podcast)

This week our crafty hero set off on an epic journey to slay monsters, insult bar maids, hopefully not Die… again.

Episode 01 The Adventure Begins