GeekBeerz Podcast Ep 2 – Volcano Ant Farm! In Stores Now

A new co host joins us for this episode, and we get WAY off track. Listen, won’t you, as Geoff, Shrew, Tom, and Taylor bounce from talking about old Disney shows (some of them non-existent), to Nickelodeon, and go right back to Disney again. Also, our microphones were sprinkled with tech issue dust, so don’t breathe too deeply.

00:00:00 – 00:19:00 Weeks
00:19:00 – 01:13:00 Spilled Drinks
Star Wars – Jedi: Fallen Order
All future Pokemon games
What will game systems be/look like in the future?
Where would you put a sphere?
iCarly was good
Spongebob is still a thing
Nickelodeon was cool too
Oh yeah, and Jedi: Fallen Order is a thing too I guess…
Also Disney is a thing
Ok, seriously, actual Jedi: Falle- WAIT! What does a cat in heat sound like?!
Now for some actual Star Wars talk
01:13:00 – 01:53:00 Recommendations
Tom – Cells at Work, Pompei tour at the Leonardo
Shrew – Fire Emblem: Three Houses Plus One – Full House Featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry Series, Tekken for Smash
Geoff – Play games how you want to play them as long as they are single-player
Taylor left before this segment, but he recommends watching 1917
01:53:00 – 02:23:00 Do Not Recommend
Shrew – Having a kidney stone, Facebook
Geoff – Don’t work in fast food
Tom – Don’t sell volcanoes at Pomeii

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Twitch: ToppleTomr
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