GeekBeerz Podcast Ep 1 – How Do We Start a Podcast Again?

After a big long break, the boys are back for another attempt at podcasting! Geoff, Tom, and Sherman are back with a new After ten years, we finally get one step closer to finally answering one burning question: Can they record more than 5 podcasts per year?

00:00:00 – 00:29:00 Weeks
00:29:00 – 01:15:00 Spilled Drinks (Spoilers)
Sherman: Code Vein
Thomas: Cats – The Unpatched Monstrosity
01:15:00 – 01:39:00 Recommendations
Geoff: Star Wars: Jedi – Fallen Order, Jacob Geller, Dear Zachary, Hbomberguy’s “In Defence of Dark Souls 2”
Sherman: Don’t Fuck With Cats, Cells at Work
Thomas: Knives Out
01:39:00 – 02:07:00 Do Not Recommend
Geoff: Being sick, Using Netflix for anime, Legoland as an adult
Sherman: MoviePass, Anime on Netflix in North America
Thomas: Cats, Also Netflix kinda sucks too

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Twitch: ToppleTomr
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