Top Ideas For Transformers Spin-Off Films!


With the surprisingly awesome movie Bumblebee, we can safely confirm the start of a new universe of films, and by that I mean the reboot audiences finally wanted!

Presumably all these upcoming films, known and unknown, will eventually build up to another proper “Transformers” titled film. But until such a time, we will likely be getting various spin-off films regarding origins or simple adventures of certain characters throughout the known Transformers world. But which one’s deserve to get their own film? Here are some of our picks for who, or what, we think could work!



A Somewhat Honorable Mention: OPTIMUS PRIME & MEGATRON

These two are not only obvious, but it’s also pretty much a done deal that Optimus Prime will be getting his own solo film, presumably the next one after the recent Bumblebee (2018) film! And I think we can also assume that Megatron will also be in this film too.

And assuming that the solo feature will, indeed, be an origin film (unless that’s saved for the Cybertron film), then we can guarantee this to be a double origin film since both of these characters are largely intertwined in a somewhat shared lore and background. Here’s to hoping they show off Optimus as his original, Orion Pax, counterpart!



Oh yes, the original backstabber himself! It’s astounding still that Megatron would continue to allow this cretin to remain as a high ranking member of the Decepticons, despite the numerous times of betrayal in order to become the “true” ruler of the Decepticons. Perhaps this is mainly due to Megatron just keeping a closer watch on him, a classic”keep your enemies closer” type deal, but what made Starscream become this way as a character? Was he always this way? Was he once truly honorable but then an incident developed greed within his spark? Perhaps we can know the answer in his own origin film!

NOTE: his origins were briefly explored in the Activision/High Moon Studios game Transformers: War For Cybertron (2010), but not fully enough for it to count in my opinion.



Out of all the ideas on this list, I would hope for this one to become a reality! The Dinobots are far bigger than normal dinosaurs and can also breath fire for some reason, and their leader Grimlock has a wickedly cool flame sword! These guys would be perfect for their own spin-off film! They can either follow the original animated show’s origin for them, where they were created by Wheeljack after gaining some inspiration from a human exhibit, or they can follow the game Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron (2012) where Shockwave kidnaps them and alters them into these new forms.

Honestly the more Dinobots the better! I’m still upset that the Michael Bay movies wasted their potential.



Easily the most loyal member of the Decepticons, and the most faithful to Megatron, Soundwave is both cool and powerful in all the right ways! While primarily known for his iconic voice and transformation into a microcassette recorder, he is also known for having multiple minions at his disposal (Ravage, Laserbeak, Rumble and Frenzy to name a few).

It was a welcomed surprise to see his brief appearance in the Bumblebee (2018) film, and one of the most memorable moments to boot. We would gladly see more of him in his own film! Perhaps an origin film or some type of reconnaissance mission film.



Honestly, the background lore given to these characters in this universe is pretty excellent. Unfortunately most of this lore was not given the proper treatment in particular Michael Bay films, which is a shame because it really is cool to learn especially the origin of the primes. Perhaps a movie all about this would suffice? It could even be a prequel to the eventual Cybertron prequel film they’ll be making in the future.

It would be nice to see the origin of the original primes, including Prima Prime, Alpha Trion and Megatronus (the character that will eventually be known as “The Fallen”). It can even explain the rivalry between Primus and Unicron, the twin gods of this universe, and even act as an origin on that end as well!



The Wreckers are sort of a special task force team of the Autobots that go on more drastic and dangerous missions, the team members may change but the members are always the toughest of the bunch! There are even stories where desperation results in various members joining such as Predacons, ex-Decepticons, and even humans.

This movie could work and even be molded into its own unique take, perhaps it can include fan favorites such as Ironhide or Bulkhead. It wouldn’t necessarily be a contribution to the bigger picture of this world, but it would still be a fun one nonetheless!

1920x1200 Generation One Autobot Wallpaper, Left Side


There are many good Autobot characters, but which character would be a good fit for their own film? Bumblebee and Optimus Prime make sense and are already getting, or have, their own films, someone like Hot Rod would be cool but mainly as a character for later on, and the rest are mainly good supporting characters. So out of all the characters, I think that Arcee would be the best option.

Arcee is popular among the fandom and the most commonly known female character in the transformers universe. The movie could actually be dark and gritty if they were to take cues from certain stories from the Transformers Prime television show.


Mixed Opinions: SHOCKWAVE

Shockwave is an interesting exception, he is a cool and menacing character who has even overthrown Megatron during one story simply because he deemed it “logical” to do so. There are many ways to go about such an iconic character, but is he worthy of his own film?

As mentioned prior, he would be seen as the primary antagonist if they were to tell a certain Dinobot origin film, and he can certainly show up in nearly any film especially those that take place on Cybertron, but perhaps being the main character of his own film wouldn’t work out as much…

… But then again I wouidn’t be against it in any way!


Thanks for reading (if you did). It probably wasn’t the most inspiring or well thought-out post but I wanted to make it regardless. What character do you think can get their own solo film?

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