SoulsBorne Month: Top 20 Hardest Bosses – #15


Yep, you didn’t expect it but here it is! Another entry in our big list, here’s where the list gets a bit interesting!



***Level of difficulties we’ll see throughout this list:

Yellow-Orange = Bosses that are not necessarily hard on their own, but hard by either cheap tricks, gimmicks, or location.

Orange = Bosses that are tough on their own, but mainly tough due to a gimmick or trick. The difference here is that the boss may heavily rely on these attributes.

Red = Bosses that are hard to beat in either numbers or skill, truly tough bros.

Maroon = Bosses that are seemingly to near impossible, the god bosses of all bosses!

15. Gwyn, Lord of Cinder (Dark Souls) / Lord of Cinder (Dark Souls III)


Attacks (Gwyn): Slashes, Thrusts, Grab Attack, Kick

Attacks (LoC): Sweeping, Slashing, Thrusting, Fire Orb, Poison Mist, Power Within, Farron Hail, Crystal Homing Soulmass, Soul Spear, Soul Stream, Soul Great Sword, Med Heal, Wrath of the Gods, Has a Five-Hit Combo, Command Grab, Sunlight Spear, Sunlight Storm, Sunlight Stake

Rewards (Gwyn): 70,000 Souls, Soul of Gwyn, Lord of Cinder

Rewards (LoC): 100,000 Souls, Soul of the Lords

Rare Rewards: none.

Our Level: Red(Gwyn), Red but almost Maroon(LoC)

Description: Both the final boss of the original Dark Souls, and the final boss of the last Dark Souls. Both are the Lords of Cinder from very different moments of the trilogies expansive timeline. First there’s Gwyn, the warrior and god who refuses to re-link the flame or begin the “Age of Dark”. Then there’s the nameless Lord of Cinder from Dark Souls III, who seems to be the ultimate amalgamation of all Lords of Cinder prior (even taking moves from certain stats similarly to real players, making the connection that you are also playing against prior players that became Lords). Defeating him will open the doors to many different endings and choices.

Gwyn is seen as the main antagonist and focal point for the lore of the original game. His moves are the general moveset for any boss but each attack is accompanied by a slur of dangerous fire, he also has a grab move that can be a pain as well as a kick that can drain your stamina completely! He makes up for his simple moves by being fast, aggresive, unpredictable and quickly reactive to your moves. On top of all this, he is also a “god” when it comes to melee range. Lord of Cinder from the third game is the complete opposite of Gwyn having a huge pool of moves and even weaponry, due to being the collection of prior Lords. He will attack with a straight sword using all the movesets that apply, he will attack with a curved sword with poison capabilities and the potential chance to parry, he may wield a catalyst and summon a large array of spells, he can wield a great lance and use Miracle spells, and if that wasn’t enough he will eventually use a great sword during phase two and attack you with newfound moves, most of these moves are even borrowed by Gwyn himself!

Both of these characters are important to the story and both hold a heavy heart within fans of the franchise. Both are also similar in the sense that they are both heavily fire-based due to their story and are even both found in areas that are named the same whether it’d be the same place or not, the Kiln of the First Flame, which is why we have them both together on one spot of this list. And while they are dangerous and powerfully hard bosses, they do have tricks to make them a bit easier. Once you learn the attack pattern of Gwyn during his trio slash combo move, you can actually parry him and go for a fatal stab if your a clever enough player. And Lord of Cinder is quite a ride but so long as you have patience and the sense of when to dodge he eventually doesn’t seem as impossible as you first thought. But still both are powerful warriors that deserve to be on this list.

Again, check back in a couple days. The list starts to get more interesting from here!

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