SoulsBorne Month: Top 20 Hardest Bosses – #16


Here we go, another contender for our top list! Look if ya want!



***Level of difficulties we’ll see throughout this list:

Yellow-Orange = Bosses that are not necessarily hard on their own, but hard by either cheap tricks, gimmicks, or location.

Orange = Bosses that are tough on their own, but mainly tough due to a gimmick or trick. The difference here is that the boss may heavily rely on these attributes.

Red = Bosses that are hard to beat in either numbers or skill, truly tough bros.

Maroon = Bosses that are seemingly to near impossible, the god bosses of all bosses!

16. Pontiff Sulyvahn (Dark Souls III)


Attacks: Forward Fire Swipe, Backwards Slash (fire or magic), Magic Sting and Fire Swipe, Spin and Stab, Sweep Attack, Soul Spear, Soul Wave, Jumping Crush

Rewards: 28,000 Souls, Soul of Pontiff Sulyvahn

Rare Rewards: none.

Our Level: Red

Description: Found within Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, a powerful Sorcerer awaits to challenge you in combat. He wears a crown atop his cloaked head and long ghostly drapes, with wings of blackened roots upon his back and his deadly dual sword weapons at the ready. He is more ready for this battle then you will ever be!

This is a boss that flows deep within lore, even being the suspect of lore theories about his origins. Pontiff has many strong and powerful attacks that are usually displayed in very long combos with very little time to make a move against him, a very small window of opportunity to be sure. His design is also very intimidating, looking like a dangerous Wraith of folklore and having a somewhat eerie feeling that follows. Another crazy thing about this boss is his dual swords. Each of his swords a drenched within a different element from one another, one cast in Fire while the other adorns pure Magic. Due to his long-winded combos and double effort of elemental weaponry, he is already a large imposing threat.

What even furthers his appeal for us is his ability to summon a ghostly second copy of himself during his second phase. this copy is capable of perfectly copying the attacks and combos of his creator without fail, the only difference here is this copy is slightly delayed making it a perfect preempt of Pontiff himself and furthering this fight to a more dangerous scale. There is some knowledge to know that will help you though. Ironically he is weak to fire despite doing fire damage himself, as well as being weak to lightning and thrust attacks. What still makes it difficult however is his resistance to other things such as Poison, Bleeding and Frost damage, so any new players may discover what not to use the hard way.

Pontiff Sulyvahn sits perfectly at number sixteen on our list, not only is he wickedly cool looking and lore-friendly but he is also a challenge to not take lightly.

You know how this goes, check back in a couple days for the next part!

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