GBHorror2017: What Scares Sherman? [4/4]

shrew nub

Hello, and welcome to the final post in this mini post series of GBHorro2017! Our final specimen for this mini thing is our very own Sherman. He is quite an interesting fellow, arguably more interesting than Taylor, and he is notorious for questioning and favoring oddities. Unfortunately to find out his true fears we’ll have to dig deep. Just remember that this is merely for fun and entertaining, especially this post, so please don’t take this seriously and please don’t be offended! Alright, onwards then…

*Please don’t take this seriously Sherman*



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While Sherman is not a sexist of any sort, he kind of has some interesting opinions of what the different sexes should be “capable” of doing. He sort of labels what he thinks the pros and cons of men and women are, and yes both are equally weird to hear in person. Because of this, he is not exactly a fan of all this feminist propaganda. But can we truly say if he is afraid of them? It seems unlikely, I’m pretty sure he is just irked by them. In fact of the matter, he has actually attended a sort of women’s rights group (it was at a Con, it’s a whole other story).



Three of us here have seen the anime series known as Sword Art Online (SAO), two of us don’t like it. Guess which one of us does? That’s right, Sherman is an avid fan, going so far as to buy posters, figures, and even playing and owning every game based on the series. It begs the question, however, if Sherman feels threatened whenever the other two of us bash on the series. Does this scare him? Probably not. It would be weird if he was terrified of the possibility of us randomly roasting a series he likes. I know that there are many things I like which the others hate, but I don’t fear them attacking the licenses.



So going away from the humor for an minute, the one thing that Sherman has admitted to not liking in some manner is spiders. Whether or not he is absolutely terrified of them remains to be seen. In details, he has explained how there is certain attributes about them that are unsettling to his eyes. It’s possible that he only really gets freaked out by them if they were touching him, like on his bare skin. But anyone can be afraid of that, I sure am, so Perhaps there is just this to Sherman’s realization, or there could be way more.



Arguably, Sherman is the smartest person of our group. He has the tech-intellect as well as a hardcore, albeit strange, thought process for solving situations. This has obviously led to many arguments or discussions among the four of us. One thing I have always wondered is how Sherman takes the heat of being wrong, it doesn’t always happen but when it does each individual person handles it in their own ways. Sherman seems to be a blank slate, no showing sadness or anger, so it is hard to say for sure what he feels during these situations. But considering he relishes being knowledgeable in his element, perhaps it scares him to be mislead.


Thanks for reading the last part of this mini post series. Sherman, I hope you did not take this too seriously. Check back tomorrow at 1 pm for another GBHorror post!

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