GBHorror2017: What Scares Tom? [3/4]

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Welcome to part three of the mini Halloween post thing! This time we will be looking at a true weirdo, myself! Yes today I will be introducing all the things that truly scare me and I’ll be explaining why they do so. I may be a fan of the horror genre, but I’m still very much a wuss. Just remember that this is all just for fun and not to insult and yadda, yadda, yadda. So on with the post…



Have you ever watched a movie where you were on the edge of your seat when the main protagonist is being pursued by the antagonist? Or better yet, have you played a game where the only way to avoid an enemy is to run away from them? This kind of fear seems to not be too common among the people I’ve known, sure it scares them but it’s not something that really messes with them. Unfortunately it messes with me pretty badly. Ever since I was very young, this concept has been absolutely terrifying to me, it is even more terrifying to me in a hopeless situation. This could be due to dreams of being chased by a serial killer as a kid, but it has been so long that the fear itself is all I can comprehend.



Not to get too personal, but I have had my encounter with a shadow person before. For those who really don’t know, a shadow person is a sort of spirit who appears as either blurry or pitch black (darker than shadows or the night itself). They do not represent features of any sort, only the silhouette of an obvious man or woman. Now ghosts in general are really creepy to me and present an atmosphere most potent in fear, but there’s just something about a non-detailed entity who is both quiet and ominous that really gets under my skin! Taylor even claims that they are cold to the touch, but that is a story for another time.



Whenever there is a new horror game out that looks good or fun, be willing to bet that I’ve already bought it.There is a strong opinion of mine that besides personal experiences horror games are the only other way to truly experience horror, this is due to having to be placed within the shoes of another character thus deciding the fate of him or her. While I love horror games to death there is a version of horror games that, despite my appreciation, truly terrify me. First-person games (or FPS for short) make you feel as though it is always you in the situation, even if you are actually playing an in-game character. For whatever reason these games keep me up at night after playing them. At least in a third-person perspective I can see my character in all of his/her glory. And if there’s a chance of getting attacked from behind I at least have a better warning then if I couldn’t see my back in an FPS. I dunno, it just really gets to me.



So yeah, what the hell do I mean by this? It’s simple in context but hard for me to explain. Basically I am afraid of religious based horror, this includes acts such as exorcisms, prophesied armageddon, and demonic symbols. Exorcisms are an easy one, the idea of someone possessed by a demon is quite unsettling. Another example would be religious prophecies coming true such as the coming of the four horseman, while it sounds cool it would really freak me out if there was a film or game that truly expressed the antics of this situation (Darksiders series is more fun than scary, so that doesn’t count).




Now we come to my ultimate fear. Yes, I am afraid of scarecrows! The reason is the premise, and while there are many other similar things that should technically scare me more (like snowmen, animatronics, skeletons?, etc.) but there is a little extra “flavor” to scarecrows that really take the cake for me. They are made of nothing more than hay, and they were always intended to frighten upon their initial creation all those years ago. I am fully aware that they were intended to exclusively scare crows, but they also succeeded in scaring me with their demented monstrosities. This is something that the guys constantly tease me with, but I think most of them have warmed up to the reasons I’ve discussed here and have found them perfectly evidential. Also fun fact: Scarecrow is ironically my favorite Batman villain.


Thanks for reading, feel free to laugh at my weird fears. Check back tomorrow at 1 pm for the final part of this mini series of posts…

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