GBHorror2017: What Scares Geoff? [2/4]

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Welcome back to another Halloween post, and also welcome back to part two of this four-part post series. Last time we examined the things that scare Taylor the most, and today we’ll be examining our very own Geoff. When it come to critical and opinionated impressions, Geoff dominates the field. But even Geoff cannot look past, whether good or bad, anything with a particular fright that scares him the most. Now remember that these posts are just for fun and not to demean anyone, so don’t get offended! So let us analyze what our good friend Geoff is truly, and utterly, afraid of…



So what does scare Geoff? Like I’ve mentioned he is a very strong minded individual. He is also an avid horror lover, much like myself. Upon a random day of looking up horror prestine videos, the guys gained much enjoyment by scaring me with the one thing that truly scares me (which you’ll find out about later). It was then I decided to look up their fears and find the perfect videos to scare them, Taylor was easy due to his fear of robots but Geoff was a much harder challenge. I eventually found out what his ultimate fear was but even then it was hard, since he is very precise on his fear. So what was this fear exactly?




Yes, plastic mini humanoids are what Geoff is terrified of. This is obviously not an irrational fear because there are many who are terrified of dolls. These objects have even become vessels for the most iconic and cursed spiritual beings as well. Real life haunted dolls like Robert or Annabelle have proven that something seemingly innocent can easily become malevolent. However there is further study as to why Geoff is most afraid of dolls, there specific details that will get him screaming more than most dolls.

No overall I think Geoff fears dolls no matter what, they are creepy and disturbing. But to him there is a fine line between a raggedy old thing and a super detailed decoration. But let us first oversee why simplistic dolls could also be scary.


First off, they usually have buttoned eyes and stitched up mouths, they can even have straggly fake looking hair and standard dress ware. This can be off putting because it is as if an almost human thing is trying to be like a human. This may add in to why the physical factor of my examples of Robert and Annabelle are so creepy, they are overly simplified and unrealistic dolls which are also cursed and evil. And secondly, the creepiness of a standard doll truly depend on the setting, according to Geoff. Because a doll that is just sitting on a lawn is putting off a different mood than a doll trapped within an insane asylum. But back to the specifics Geoff has given me, there is a reason why Geoff is afraid of particular dolls in his life over the standard one.




Over the years dolls have become more and more intricate. The greatest and known examples are those collectible baby china dolls made of porcelain which are honestly not that ancient. But if you were to do expert level research on the topic, you will find that there are even more realistic dolls which provide hyper details such as skin tones, veins and even pimples and laugh lines. These are the very things that out-trump the fear of dolls which Geoff has overall. Geoff has explained that the main reasons these dolls terrify him is because of their frozen expressions and feeling of movement. On the one hand you know they are not real or breathing, but on the other you know they are so real that you’re expecting them to react or move at any moment.

Now this is a very honest fear here, and we can back Geoff up one this. Realistic dolls, no matter their purpose, are basically horrendous and the true nature of horror. In a way, dolls can be related to the human desire to create life. This desire has its own horrors in the sense that the human nature within us doesn’t know when it gets too far, until it is too late. This is why the classic story of Frankenstein is a divine novella of horror, why artificial intelligence scares us, and why dolls are so terrifying.


Thanks for reading part two of the “what scares us” or whatever post series. Check back tomorrow for part two of the posts. Remember it’s at 1 pm like always…,

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