GBHorror2017: Top 5 Theme-Drenched Horror-esque Films


Welcome back to yet another post! Surprise, surprise! Another list post. I seem to like these kinds of post more than others. This one is a little more specific than most though. Basically we have films on this list that are not only scary or horror themed, but also evoke a style or lenience towards a particular setting. This setting could be a certain century, universe, or even holiday. These ones here are what we think are the coolest or best choices…




So I’ve personally haven’t seen this film in its entirety yet. But from what I have seen from both clips and still images, this movie glorifies Halloween in a manner most fitting (probably fitting for the film’s story(ies) as well). Hell, this little creepy trick r’ treat kid image above screams the holiday into my eyes!







Krampus was a delightful treat when it came out in late 2015, it had incredible props, practical effects and atmosphere to help it as both a horror film as well as a christmas film. Unlike the combination originally used by Nightmare Before Christmas, which was more style and whimsical, this film successfully creates a new kind of fear during this holiday by introducing a real life concept to the rest of the world where it is not entirely known.







Before the original alien film came out, sci-fi was seen as it’s own genre filled with action and scientific technology. However nowadays we have a good number of different franchises that have shown the true horrors that can come with space and the future, and all of these can thank alien for making it a popular premise. Sure the xenomorph monster is pretty standard now, but it still dominates our horror hearts as an instant classic.






THEME DESIRE: 17th Century New England (and Puritan Ethics)

Now I have met both people who really love this film, and people who despise it. I can happily say that I am one of those who love it. While it shouldn’t have been classified as a true horror film, it does emote a “Lovecraftian” sense of ambience that is quite unique and inspired. Also, this captures the lifestyle and era of this time in history overly well, even down to the occasional hard to hear accents and speech.






THEME DESIRE: Demons, Zombies, and Camping (I guess)

The original evil dead series is quite insane. The first film in the series seemed like a pretty basic horror film, but the style and look of the cabin setting as well as the ghouls which mess with the characters is something that you will only find with this series. The second film brought back all this great stuff, but went even more insane, and even hilarious, with it. It’s also worth mentioning that the Necronomicon, or book of the dead, is a cool looking item in this franchise universe.


Wow another one, I’m on a role with these! Please check back tomorrow at 1 pm for yet another post…

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