GBHorror2017: The Top 6 Pokemon Creepers


Yep, another GBHorror2017 post! Did this one catch you off guard? Don’t be surprised, Pokemon always seems to be on the mind no matter how hard I try to avoid it. So yeah anyone who has ever played a Pokemon game knows that certain kinds of these pocket monsters can be creepy. So instead of doing the usual type lists that I do, we’ll be looking at the Pokemon creepers that either have the most messed up backstories or are just creepy in nature. There may be some similar picks on this list to other top 6 Pokemon lists I’ve done but I’ll try to make it different enough.

If Shadows Creep You Out…

Then Check This Monster Out…



Gengar is as classic a ghost type Pokemon as you can get. Not only does he have an extremely original design, but he also comes in a cool mellowed purple color. But did you know about the theory surrounding him and another Pokemon? It is believed that he is the shadow of the fairy type Pokemon Clefable. Aside from the similar silhouette they both have, this theory made even more sense back when Clefable was still a normal type. You see, ghost types cannot even touch normal types. This is pretty cool due to how it’s relative to how our shadows also cannot physically touch us. One last thought, the idea of a menacing shadow trying to get you, but failing, is quite a cool one, albeit disturbing a little.


Please Do Not Reconcile…

About This Pedophile…



Yes, the original child kidnapper himself. I guess the worst part about this Pokemon is that we have no idea what its intentions were with that child you saved. This has become so popular and creepy in fact that it has spawned its own legacy in the creepypasta community, this Pokemon even has a creepypasta song dedicated to it! With the melody to Lavender Town, The song is known as Hypno’s Lullaby, you can listen to it right here: “Hypno’s Lullaby”


The Thought Of Missing Children…

Must Really Be A Burden…



So technically this is the spirit of a child, all Phantrump’s are spirit children said to have died while lost in the forest. If that’s not scary to you then perhaps you just hate children. Eventually these Pokemon evolve into the giant tree Pokemon Trevenant, but the original origin’s of these creatures is kind of sad and messed up. It’s surprising how much messed up stuff is in Pokemon.


Just Look Upon Your Face…

With Almost Zero Grace…



Similar to Phantrump, Yamask’s were once humans long, long ago. The masks they carry resemble that of their human faces. They are known to wail and mourn upon looking at the mask in longing. What’s even more messed up is that whoever is stupid enough to wear the masks will become possessed by the Yamask whom owns that mask. So look at what we have here: a creepy ghost who cries out in sadness, was once a human from a long ago civilization, and it will freaking possess you if you wear its mask! Pretty spoopy.


If Your Doll’s Involved…

Your Hope Will Soon Dissolve…



This may very well be Geoff’s favorite Pokemon, no doubt about it! Did you ever stop to think where that doll you loved as a small child might have gone to? Do you hope it took your discarding of it peacefully? How does the thought of it searching for you in vengeance sound? Cause for whatever reason, there seems to be many Banette’s out there searching for their child owners in revenge. Again the Dex entries for these guys really do not get descriptive on what Banette plans to do once it gets to its original owner, which only adds to the ambience of which this Pokemon brings about with it.


The Devil Is Sneaking…

In The Shadows Creaking…



There are many monsters, ghosts, demons and crooks. However at the end of the day the devil will always be the biggest enemy of them all, strictly because he is the great tempter and the one who fell from grace. Pokemon, the child friendly series, thought that adding Satan to the series was such a brilliant milestone to the franchise! Giratina was one of three dragons created by the god of all Pokemon, Arceus. The god Pokemon ended up banishing Giratina into the distortion world due it its “violence”. Aside from the obvious story similarities, there is also some minor symbolism such as the “6” wings and “6” ribs int its alternate form, as well as resembling a great serpent… hint, hint???


Hope you liked this post person I hope actually read it, don’t be surprised if you see another GBHorror2017 post tomorrow around a similar time…

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