GBHorror2017: Top 6 Tombstones


Welcome to another GBHorror2017 post! This time we’ll be looking at the one thing that truly seals the deal of death, tombstones (also graveyards in general). Now for the most part tombstones can be beautiful works of art, they can even be interesting and very descriptive about the kind of person the very stone identifies. However like with most things, there are also tombstones which are either scary physically or live on through urban legends!

I’m especially excited about this one because half of the list are cemeteries that I’ve actually visited a few years back, and three of the images are actually photographs taken by me! You could argue that I’ve been preparing for this list all along!

Anyways, let’s learn about what kind of tombstones and graves are out there…




Location: Salt Lake City Cemetery, Utah

Story: Lilly E. Gray died at the age of seventy-seven, and was buried within the cemetery in the year 1958. All seems pretty basic about this tombstone except for the epitaph, which reads “victim of the beast 666”. It is still uncertain to this day as to why this is what was written. could this be a true statement? or did her husband, also buried there but far away from her, create a huge hoax to confuse people?




Location: Salt Lake City Cemetery, Utah

Story: while technically a mausoleum, this large grave of Jacob Moritz has become one of Utah’s most classic urban legends. Jacob originated from Germany and came to Salt Lake City to start his own brewery. His beer became popular in a number of states and he was a well liked and popular local in this city, especially among the Mormon population. He eventually died at the age of 61, when he and his family returned to Germany. His remains were cremated and brought back to Salt Lake to be buried within the Jewish section of the large cemetery. The Emo’s grave rumors spread quickly after his remains were placed within the mausoleum. The legend says that if you circle the mausoleum while chanting “emo” three times, then look within the window of the structure, you will see the two glowing red eyes of “Emo” staring back at you!




Location: Logan City, Utah

Story: [I promise that this is the last Utah thing on this list.] The Logan cemetery overall id a pretty beautiful and normal looking cemetery for the most part, until there’s a full moon that is. The legend here is that if you visit the cemetery in the middle of the night during a full moon, a particular woman statue will begin weeping actual tears, especially if you say “weep woman, weep.” to it! She represents the mourning of her dead children, only three of eight survived apparently. And that you can hear her weep on these nights possibly because it’s the anniversary of her children’s passing. The grave marker belonged to a woman named Julia Cronquist, and the statue was made by her husband, Olif Cronquist, upon her death. She may have died by scarlet fever.




Location: National Memorial Cemetery Of The Pacific, Hawaii (Honolulu)

Story: I’m pretty sure that most people know about World War II upon reading this, and I hope people also know of the Pearl Harbor attack as well, which happened on Oahu of Hawaii. This cemetery is in honor of those fallen heroes who died from both the WWII and the Pearl Harbor incident. If you visit this place, you will notice certain grave markers do not place a name or dates of any kind, this is because certain bodies found during the attack were unrecognizable as known people. Also consider that there sciences of placing an alias on bodies was not like our modern science of today, and during a time of war and destruction there’s not a wholesome amount of time to do such investigations. So yeah, this one on the list is more saddening than it is creepy. But perhaps the very idea of going out of this world completely unremembered is truly a disturbing thought to some.



Location: Poblenu Cemetery, Barcelona

Story: This one is a truly scary tombstone to look at, but just wait until you learn about finer details. Not only is this found hidden within the back corner of the cemetery, but it is still unclear who made the sculpture! The name Josep Llaudet Soler is the only interred name by this creation, and it also inherits a truly creepy inscription which says: “The blood in his veins grows cold. And all strength has gone. Faith has been extolled by his fall into the arms of death. Amen.” The sculpture also go by the name of “The Kiss Of Death”.




Location: Pere Lachaise Cemetery, Paris

Story: Georges was a Belgian poet and writer who died in 1898, this large sculpture tombstone was built this way to symbolize that even death could not lock him away for good. Now in general this is a pretty col concept and idea for a grave marker. But I’m pretty sure the last thing on the late Georges mind was how scary looking this concept would actually be. The idea of the undead rising has always kept us humans up at night afraid, and this symbolism here helps to ignites those fears even further!


Thank you for reading this, whoever you are. In case you were wondering the photographs that I took were the “victim of the Beast 66”, “Emo’s Grave”, and the Unknown WWII marker grave. I hope this post was enjoyable or more so than previous ones. Check back tomorrow at 1:00 pm for yet another post…


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