A Look Back: “the Top 5 Godzilla 2014 Sequel Ideas!” What Did We Get Right?


Last time we looked at what we got correct in terms of what characters we hoped would appear in the MCU, and now we look at the quieter established monster-verse that is Godzilla. We highly enjoyed the 2014 American made Godzilla movie to the point that many sequels ideas were rushing in our heads. Well now it’s 2017 and a lot more information has been given. So let us see what we got right… Spoilers?

Analysis will be all in red…



MONSTERS IN FILM: Mothra, Kamacuras, Kumonga, Battra (Larvae form), Megaguirus, and Megalon

PLOT IDEA: With the remains of the MUTO’s left behind after the final battle in San Francisco, the humans have started to test the DNA of these fallen creatures in hopes of creating human-controlled sentient monsters for any future threats. They test this experiment upon multiple types of bugs, believing this to be the safest way for testing. The tests begin to work, but not as planned, for the bugs have become gigantic mutated creatures that begin to swarm the nearby cities and countries. Godzilla appears once again to restore the balance between man and nature as he shows these new insectoid monsters their inevitable fate! Meanwhile, the discovery of an ancient Moth creature, once worshipped by man eons ago, may be the key to helping Godzilla defeat all the enemy monsters.

ANALYSIS: It has since been revealed that Mothra will be among many other monsters to appear in Godzilla 2. She may also even appear in further films down the line. The recent canonical film “Kong: Skull Island” established the idea of uncharted islands across the world besides skull island, islands that are possibly heavily kept under wraps by the mysterious group known as M.O.N.A.R.C.H.. One of these islands more than likely acts as home to a caterpillar form of Mothra. Unfortunately none of our other kaiju bug friends are currently planned to appear.



MONSTERS IN FILM: Anguirus and either Biollante, Hedorah, or Destoroyah

PLOT IDEA: Excavations continue years after the events of the first Godzilla film, in hopes of learning more about these ancient radioactive creatures. Their curiosity soon awakens an ancient Armadillo-like monster that starts to wreak havoc across the globe. This startles Godzilla himself as he summons himself to fight this new creature. The battle between the two rages on for days, however another mystery monster is revived and takes it’s time to grow into a large and powerful antagonist brute. Godzilla and the Armadillo monster must put aside differences to stop this third beast.

ANALYSIS: Sadly Anguirus is currently not set to appear in any of the known sequel films. However, since he is a rather popular monster character, his appearance eventually is inevitable.



MONSTERS IN FILM: King Kong, also King Ceaser???

PLOT IDEA: The Government has gone in search for Godzilla soon after he returned to sea. Their search leads them to a new uncharted Island where they mistakenly unleash the Island’s king, which once again threatens the world. When the King of Monsters appears once again, the two fight each other to the death in the most unforgettable battle yet!

ANALYSIS: A recent film known as “Kong: Skull Island” came out as part of the monster-verse. It was a highly entertaining film that further established how all these giant monster can exist on this small world. It even came with an absolutely fantastic end credit sequence regarding Godzilla 2. The even bigger news is that a Godzilla Vs King Kong movie is actually happening sometime in the next few years. Any con to all this? well no King Ceasar. sorry King Ceasar fans.



MONSTERS IN FILM: King Ghidorah (a.k.a. Monster X)

PLOT IDEA: Monsters like Godzilla and the MUTO’s had to adapt to living deeper within the earth when the surface loses most of the radiation needed to survive. However there is an ancient devil that has been evolving and adapting itself for millions of years. It has now unleashed itself upon the innocent humans that have just barely recovered from the previous monster confrontations. A creature so powerful and dangerous that the world would be nothing but a wasteland within hours! Godzilla must appear once again to face a foe that once threatened Godzilla’s own race in a time long, long ago.

ANALYSIS: King Ghidorah is set to appear as a main antagonist, alongside Rodan, in the Godzilla 2 film. While it’s unclear whether or not his monster x form will take part in this adaptation of the monster character, we will not yet rule out any possibility.



MONSTERS IN FILM: Mechagodzilla, Jet Jaguar???, Gigan (multiple)

PLOT IDEA: The Government begins constructing their own mechanical beasts in case of future monster attacks. This leads to the creation of the Gigan machines which they use to find and attack Godzilla. The civilians are strongly against these plans by the Government, believing Godzilla to be a savior and knowing that such actions will have great consequences. While Godzilla is furiously fighting these Gigan machines, the humans cleverly analyze and pinpoint every physical and elemental attribute of the creature. The humans use these discoveries for their creation of Mechagodzilla, a machine that will be used in the inevitable final battle between man and nature.

ANALYSIS: No mechanical monsters set to appear any time soon. It’s unclear whether or not this universe will get to mechs. So for now Pacific Rim will have to do.

So at least three of our sequel ideas were pretty close to what this monster-verse has in store for us. Godzilla 2 has us pretty hyped, and I’m sure Godzilla Vs King Kong will be even bigger. We also have the newest Kong movie which is certainly worth a watch. And even Toho has awakened by the Godzilla praise with their more recent reboot film, Shin Gojira, which we strongly recommend checking out their newest continuation.

Until next look back…

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