A Look Back: “Top 5 Characters that Need/Should/Have to Appear in the MCU”… What Did We Get Right?

MCU #0

This is a new feature where we look back at previous posts we’ve done and analyze what we thought would have happened in the future, which is now the present or whatever.

Let’s see if any of our Marvel hopes came true. Also just a heads up for at least one particular character: SPOILERS!










This post was made two years ago…


5. Ego the Living Planet

Ego is actually what you would expect, a giant planet with a face. However there is more to ego than one would imagine. He is not just a giant ball of earthly matter floating in space; he is known for being incredibly intelligent and knowledgeable and even has Psionic powers. He can also travel a light speeds due to a special engine placed upon him by Galactus. He is also capable of holding his own in battles with powerful characters, including the likes of Thor and Professor X. Ego was a sentient being created by a cosmic being named the Stranger, ironically he has a twin brother named Alter-Ego.

How would he be in the MCU?

Well, thanks to the film Guardians of the Galaxy, we can now expect the weird and bizarre characters of the Marvel universe without the regular audience questioning it. Ego would also be an amazing character to see due to being both massive and a talking planet. The Marvel Universe in general seems to be heading more into the cosmic world of things with films like Captain Marvel and Inhumans in the works. So why not Ego?

We can see him appearing in the sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy (due to release in 2017). In the film, he can be a new discovery/ally to the team and eventually to the Nova Corps (which would be true to the comic lore). He can even be the surprise character that acts as a “word of reason” to a character in an all-time low, despite his supreme superiority complex. Also it is certain that we will see all the Elders of the universe appear throughout the films (we’ve already seen the Collector). And Ego is known to be affiliated with them as well. Heck, the Marvel films always change things so why not just make him an Elder member for good?

Basically any angle you can think of can be possible for this guy, so we hope Marvel can make it happen.

ANALYSIS: The newest Marvel Studios film Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2 will finally feature Ego in possibly both his planet form as well as mainly a humanoid copy of himself played by Kurt Russell. In this version, he is revealed to be Star-Lord’s father.


4. Man-thing

Why not add a little horror into the Marvel Universe?
Man-thing first appeared in his own “savage tales” comic in 1971 (surprisingly released a couple months before DC comics Swamp thing character). He was once a normal human being but due to a special serum he concocted, as well as some magical attributes of a swamp, he was turned into an a slow-moving plant-matter creature with large, solid red eyes. While he mostly spends his days living within the everglades, not caring about the worries of humanity, he has been known to help out various teams and heroes. He is revealed to have strength, immortality, speed, durability, intellect and superhuman stamina he is also known to have spiritual abilities that give him immunity over various poison’s and illnesses. He also speaks the universal language, can teleport him and others, and can secrete a powerful chemical as well as a counter agent.

So why Man-thing?

Well, technically, he is already in existence within the Marvel Cinematic Universe! In the film Iron Man 3 (2013), his former wife named Ellen Brandt appears as an antagonist. And the Man-thing was mentioned by his former name, Theodore “Ted” Sallis, in the Agents of Shield TV show. The only real reason he is on this list is because most people still disbelieve that he has a shot on film or television. However, Howard the Duck is already official canon in the universe and if he can appear, a humanoid duck, then I’m sure a giant swamp monster can appear at some point.

But how would he appear? How do the everglades get involved? Why the two Easter eggs in the Universe already? Only time will tell for sure (or they will just stay as Easter eggs).

ANALYSIS: Unfortunately no further word on the Man-Thing appearing has happened. Although we still have the two hints to give us hope. My newest guess would be that he’ll appear in a future phase four film, possibly a cameo in a sequel to Doctor Strange.


3. Nova (Richard Rider)

When Rhomann Dey survives the destruction of the Nova Corps on his planet, Xandar, he travels to earth where he greets a young man named Richard Rider. He then gives the secrets and powers/abilities to this young hero which gives him a new lifestyle as the infamous hero Nova. Richard is given complete access to the Xandarian Worldmind which in return grants him the complete control over the Nova Force. He can also exert influences of gravitational forces and opened wormholes. Beyond that he has a variety of other abilities such as flight, strength, and fighting tactics. He is a large fan favorite among Marvel lovers and has had multiple affiliations with other heroes and teams, most notably Spider-man and the Guardians of the Galaxy.

How will Nova appear?

At this point most know that the Nova corps has already appeared within the Marvel Universe. However so far they have had little explanation, only appearing to serve their purpose, of course the role of the Nova Corps can evolve overtime, or will it?
The Nova character, Rhomann Dey, has already appeared and currently the Nova Corps isn’t in serious crisis. However the upcoming attacks from Thanos in the two part Infinity War films could change all that. Our theory is that Thanos is waiting to know the whereabouts of all the Infinity stones at the same time (because why would he really want to grab them one by one when the complete collection is his prize?). We believe through all this mayhem of getting various goons to snatch a stone for him is actually his plan to know only where they currently are. So that by the time he attacks, he’ll attack multiple places at once!

This will certainly cause a lot of destruction at various places, including Xandar and Nova headquarters. This could easily lead to the character Rhomann Dey somehow escaping this attack and heading to earth, where he eventually meets Richard Rider and the rest is basically turned into a reality. This would mean that we probably won’t see Nova until Phase Four.

This is what we believe is going to happen. You don’t have to agree with us but we can all agree that the involvement of the Nova Corps is definitely leading to something big.

ANALYSIS: No further word regarding the heroic Nova, but again the Nova corps is still canon. And also with the upcoming Captain Marvel film this may be the bridge we need to further space heroes.

2. Squirrel Girl

Yep, a girl with squirrel powers is a thing. This will easily be severely weird to those who don’t read comics or know Marvel, but don’t let her fluffy tail fool you. This young hero has been famous for taking down the baddest of baddies, including the likes of Doctor Doom, Fin Fang Foom, and even Thanos. Among having squirrel capabilities, she can also talk to squirrels and understand them. Two famous squirrels among her squirrel friends are Tippy-toe and Monkey Joe. She has also been known to make alliances with Iron Man and has joined the Lake Avengers. She is also a babysitter for the baby of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage during her time off of basic heroism.

Why the Squirrel?

There is really a strong lead in to introducing this character into the Marvel Universe like the other characters on this list. We just simply want her to appear because she’s awesome to us. Of course her involvement would make her have to appear either within the solo adventures of the other Marvel heroes or she’ll have to appear sometime after Phase three. Perhaps in Phase four she can be part of the New Avengers team (which is bound to happen). And since the team will most likely consist of a younger crowd of members, she would most certainly fit in. This can also be equivalent to the idea we had of a younger Richard Rider, having Phase four be a bout newer younger heroes taking the mantle.

It’s also interesting to note that a new Squirrel Girl comic book series has just recently released. This could simply just be a coincidental misinterpretation of us and the comic series is simply just for fun. But what if it is to make a larger audience recognize her as a hero character for when she physically appears in a later Marvel film?

Also, we’re not quite sure who really owns Squirrel Girl at this point. She is a mutant human character which would imply X-Men which would imply Fox owning the rights. But at the same time the character has had little to do with the X-Men and more with the Avengers which would possibly make her completely owned by Marvel. Perhaps they actually partially own her, similar to Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, where both can use her whenever they want.
All in all, Squirrel Girl is great. So someone should put her in a film ASAP!

ANALYSIS: I have no clue how but Squirrel Girl managed to get a television show! New Warriors will be a show starring Squirrel Girl and many other whacko characters on the FreeForm channel sometime late 2017 to early 2018. Whether it’s part of the MCU or not is currently unknown.


1. Fin Fang Foom

Also known as “He whose Limbs Shatter Mountains and Whose Back Scrapes the Sun”, this interesting character is a giant space dragon who believes himself to be a powerful challenger. He is usually seen as an Iron Man villain but has been known to face various heroes across the universe. His size and anatomy give him strength and extreme durability. He can create Acid breath and has possession of advanced alien technology, he even has self-healing and has lived for centuries due to long dormant hibernations which give him a prolonged lifespan. Also he has wings, so obviously he can fly like a dragon should.

Why Fin Fang Foom?

Why would anyone deny a chance to a giant alien dragon on the silver screen!? We have certainly had our fair share of extreme villains before but there will always come a time when you must throw out the most extreme of villainy, which is why Fin Fang Foom is a likely candidate.

On behalf of Easter eggs, we have already seen a poster of him in Iron Man (2008) and an ancient Chinese painting of him in Iron Man 3 (2013) and surprisingly both Easter eggs have to do with Iron Man which he is most common an enemy with. And again at this point in the game anything is free game within the Marvel universe, thanks to the cosmic side of things. Perhaps the dragon can be a “pet” or in alliance with Thanos and will be a major player within the Infinity war two part event. Perhaps he is the primary antagonist in the Upcoming Guardians sequel? We don’t know for sure.

Please Marvel; please give us some alien dragon action?

ANALYSIS: Unfortunately still no word on Fin Fang Foom appearing, however with a show like Iron Fist seemingly revealing the possible existence of dragons there can still be a chance.

So two characters are getting noticed while the others chill in waiting. I hope that these other characters will get the chance to appear soon. Hope you guys enjoyed this first look back analysis!


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